2023 NFL Awards Predictions Trevor Lawrence, Matthew Stafford, and the Surprising Long Shot for MVP

2023 NFL Awards Predictions: As the 2023 NFL season nears, excitement increases among fans eager to see their teams compete and bettors seeking to capitalize on its most coveted individual award: MVP title. Like the fast-paced world of golf outright winners, the MVP market offers numerous attractive betting options; in this comprehensive piece, we explore the 2023 NFL MVP award market as a whole and identify potential top contenders and long-shot candidates as we explore three distinct betting strategies and examine strengths/narratives behind potential candidates’ chances at securing this coveted accolade.

Betting on Success: Trevor Lawrence Emerges as the Top Bet (16-1)

Trevor Lawrence, a young and promising quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars, stands to make a profound, impactful statement in his second year with them. After an unsuccessful 2021 campaign under head coach Doug Pederson, their transformation under a new direction allowed Lawrence to elevate his performance and potentially enter MVP consideration.

Lawrence’s distinguished Clemson background and Jaguars redemption story add intrigue to his MVP bid, as could his relationship with star receiver Calvin Ridley, who could be an essential support system in winning it all. He is selected as the MVP winner with odds of 16-1 available.

Lawrence is perfectly equipped for modern NFL play with his mighty arm, remarkable accuracy, and impressive mobility – three skills essential in today’s pass-heavy league. Already, we have seen glimpses of Lawrence’s potential – should he continue leading his Jaguars team towards victory this season and gain MVP voters’ consideration, his skillset will likely stand him in good stead for success.

Lawrence should benefit significantly from being familiar with offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell‘s system and having developed a rapport with his receiving corps, giving him an edge in the competition for MVP honors. Being at the helm of an ambitious franchise will garner considerable media coverage and further heighten Lawrence’s chances for the MVP trophy.

The Midrange Contender: Matthew Stafford’s Opportunity (50-1)

Some bettors might find Russell Wilson attractive at 45-1 odds, yet the rugged AFC West may impede his MVP hopes. Matthew Stafford stands out at 50-1 odds as an appealing midrange option.

Stafford’s move to the Los Angeles Rams under offensive coordinator Sean McVay offers him an exciting chance to demonstrate his talents. The Rams could benefit significantly from Sean McVay’s expertise, boasting an outstanding offensive line, reliable target Cooper Kupp and an effective running game – qualities that could increase Stafford’s odds considerably.

Even though Rams fans might expect an uphill climb during the preseason, counting out experienced quarterback Matthew Stafford could prove unwise in the long run. With his experience, arm talent, and ability to read defenses, he represents an asset for any offense.

Under McVay’s tutelage, Stafford could elevate his game and unlock the Rams’ offensive weapons. Furthermore, with an upgraded defense led by Aaron Donald’s stellar playmaking, game situations might favorably align for Stafford to post impressive numbers and lead his team to victory.

Stafford could make an enticing MVP contender if he and the Rams outperform expectations, winning the NFC West and recording impressive numbers. Voters respond favorably when hearing about veteran quarterbacks revitalizing their careers in new teams – making Stafford an appealing candidate in this year’s MVP race.

The Long Shot: Sam Darnold’s Surprising MVP Potential (100-1)

Sam Darnold stands out at 100-1 odds among long-shot candidates as an intriguing long-shot bet. His arrival to San Francisco’s talented roster makes for attractive bettors looking to diversify their positional bonds.

Darnold could be an ideal fit with Kyle Shanahan’s offensive system. It could become an effective game manager who distributes the ball to playmakers such as Deebo Samuel, Brandon Aiyuk and George Kittle to propel them to success for the San Francisco 49ers.

Darnold may be an underdog, but his upside in this well-constructed offense provides bettors with an opportunity for significant returns on a longshot MVP wager. San Francisco 49ers possess one of the league’s strongest rosters with vital defensive playmakers and an array of offensive weapons led by dynamic head coach Shanahan.

If Darnold can thrive under Shanahan’s tutelage and take his game to new levels, the 49ers could compete for an NFC crown. Additionally, Darnold could offer MVP voters something to latch onto; perhaps his potential to surprise the NFL world like Brian Hoyer did with Cleveland Browns would add extra excitement.
As the 2023 NFL season approaches, the MVP award market is brimming with potential contenders. Trevor Lawrence’s path to success stands out among the top bets, while Matthew Stafford presents a compelling midrange option. For those willing to take a risk, Sam Darnold emerges as an intriguing long-shot candidate. Whether it’s the narrative of redemption, the magic of a revitalized offense, or the untapped potential of an underdog quarterback, the 2023 NFL MVP race promises excitement and surprises for football fans and bettors alike. As the season unfolds, these three players will be under the spotlight, and their performances will determine whether they can secure the prestigious MVP title. Stay tuned for more latest NFL updates in Canada for the upcoming NFL season.