Chicago Cubs vs. San Francisco Giants MLB Betting Picks and Prediction for Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Chicago Cubs vs. San Francisco Giants MLB – As the midseason approaches, the upcoming clash between the Chicago Cubs and the San Francisco Giants promises to be an intriguing matchup, especially for enthusiasts of Canadian online betting. Taking place on Wednesday, June 26, 2024, at Oracle Park, this game features a pitching duel between Cubs’ Shota Imanaga and Giants’ Kutter Crawford. The Cubs (37-40) look to leverage their slightly better record against the struggling Giants (36-41) in this National League showdown.

Chicago Cubs vs. San Francisco Giants

Date & Time: Wednesday, June 26, 2024, at 9:45 PM ET

Location: Oracle Park


Chicago Cubs vs. San Francisco Giants MLB Betting Odds


Chicago Cubs Analysis

This season, the Cubs’ team batting average is at a mere .230. However, looking beyond the average; the team has displayed vigorous tenacity in claiming runs and it has scored a total of 324 runs. Still, their on-base of .311 and slugging of .371 are nothing extraordinary, 74 home runs have been hit, which sometimes even make overpowering that can change the game.

On the defensive end, they have a relatively good 3.92 ERA and a 1.2 WHIP of the ball is a sign of a fairly good pitching team that most of the time sets the team up for victory. Specifically, their counterpart’s batting average of .239 proves that the team is capable of restricting the opposition’s hitters, but they still remain late at moments, particularly when it is tense.

Starting pitcher for this game is Shota Imanaga who has a fine record of 7-2 along with a respectable 2.96 ERA, and 1.1 WHIP in 79 innings of work. This aspect shows that his potential for earning strikeouts (81 Ks) is very handy to the Cubs as it is coupled with few free passes (12) and home-runs allowed (10).

San Francisco Giants Analysis

Giants are averaging a .247 on the team bats while the on-base percentage is slightly better at a .314 and the slugging average is a .385 slugging percentage. Their offense has also gained 74 home runs equal to the cubs and have scored 338 runs. That the Bears have a slight edge in this aspect – a hit total of 645 against the Cubs’ 632 – indicates that they get on base more frequently, but failed attempts to bring in the runs are their problem.

San Francisco’s rotation has not been so fearsome this campaign; the Giants’ ERA stands at 4.52 and WHIP at 1.35 – not bad, but avoidable against a crass conflict that targets such flaws. Their pitchers have allowed for a higher opponents batting avg of .260 which could prove to be a huge indicator in this match.

Despite a poor performance in terms of the ERA and WHIP in a few innings pitched with a 8.79 ERA and a 1.95 WHIP with 4.1, Kutter Crawford will seek to bounce back. Crawford is having a rather tough season when it comes to hits allowed; he surrendered 21 hits and 4 home runs, and his team really needs him to bounce back and start having better performances and stop Cubs.

Chicago Cubs vs. San Francisco Giants Against the Spread

The Cubs as a team have been OK on the road when it comes to covering the spread which at the time of this writing stands at 19-19 and have 4-1 spread record in the last 5 games. The hitting especially at the right time has been complemented by their rather average pitching and decent hitting.

On the other hand, the Giants’ have been performing woefully badly in this aspect; their record standing at 0-5 as far as the spread is concerned for the last five matches. Their recent ill-health in terms of satisfying the spread can be attributed to their poor pitching and poor fielding, which the cubs may possess for a counter attack.

Chicago Cubs vs. San Francisco Giants Free Pick

Moneyline: Chicago Cubs

The Cubs, led by Imanaga’s solid pitching, seem poised to take advantage of the Giants’ vulnerabilities, making them the safer bet on the moneyline.

Spread: Chicago Cubs to cover

Given the Giants’ recent struggles against the spread and the Cubs’ ability to perform in tight games, betting on the Cubs to cover seems a prudent choice.

Total: Over

Both teams have shown a tendency to go OVER in recent games, and given the pitching matchup, a higher scoring game could be on the cards.

Predicted Score: Chicago Cubs 6, San Francisco Giants 4

Final thoughts suggest that betting on the Cubs to win and cover the spread appears to be the most reliable MLB winning pick for this game. With stronger pitching and enough offensive firepower, the Cubs should navigate past the Giants in what promises to be an engaging contest.