Japan vs. Sweden 8-11-23 Women's FIFA World Cup Odds, Best Picks, and Tips

Japan vs. Sweden 8/11/23: As we approach the Women’s FIFA World Cup best pick, a match between Japan Women and Sweden Women has garnered much interest among soccer enthusiasts worldwide. Set for August 11th at Eden Park, this encounter promises a spectacle of skill and strategy. In this analysis, we dive deep into both teams’ performances–with particular attention paid to their goaltenders–alongside betting trends and expert predictions for betting purposes.

Japan vs. Sweden 

Date & Time: Friday, August 11, 2023, at 3:30 AM ET

Location: Eden Park


Japan vs. Sweden 8/11/23 Betting Odds

Japan+115-0.5 (-110)2.5 under (-172)
Sweden+250+0.5 (+150)2.5 over (+132)

Japan Analysis

Japan Women have enjoyed an outstanding journey at this tournament, boasting an unblemished record and becoming strong contenders for victory. At the heart of their successes lies goaltender Keiko Nakamura – she will play a vital role in their pursuit of glory.

Japan Women have distinguished themselves throughout this tournament by displaying exceptional tactical acumen and teamwork. Their ability to orchestrate comprehensive victories showcases their attacking prowess and disciplined defensive organization; Japan Women have demonstrated this by maintaining a balance between these aspects of play, cementing their status as frontrunners of competition.

Notable among Japan’s goaltender’s accomplishments are his impressive shot-stopping skills as well as his role in initiating quick counterattacks. Japan’s goaltender’s ability to quickly switch from defense to offense will likely play an instrumental role in their strategy against Sweden.

Sweden Analysis

Sweden Women have taken their own path to the quarterfinals with resilience and determination, meeting every challenge head-on and easing through them all. Japan share a goaltender as their cornerstone defensive unit; both goalies have played pivotal roles in helping guide them along their respective journeys.

Sweden has built its success through disciplined defense and the ability to absorb pressure effectively. While they may not match some of their counterparts when scoring goals, their strength lies in thwarting opponents’ attacks and capitalizing on set-piece opportunities. Their tactical approach has focused on creating a compact defensive structure that relies on their goaltender to foil opposition attempts at scoring.

As Sweden prepares to face Japan, their defensive organization and set-piece expertise may play a pivotal role in their game plan. Their ability to use set pieces as scoring opportunities could present Japan with an additional challenge in their upcoming match, making this aspect one of many worth keeping an eye on.

Japan vs. Sweden Against the Spread

Given both teams’ recent performances and the importance of quarterfinal play, betting trends have naturally drawn significant interest. Japan Women and Sweden Women have proven their ability against formidable rivals; therefore, the odds reflect this competition accurately. Engaging in live betting in Canada provides fans with another layer of excitement by enabling them to react in real-time against unfolding action on the pitch.

Japan vs. Sweden Free Pick

Predictions and picks become crucial for those considering their betting strategies as the match approaches. Based on the performances of both teams and the odds offered, here are our expert picks:

Moneyline: Japan +115

The cohesive and balanced gameplay of Japan Women and their impressive goal-scoring record positions them as favorites for a victory in this clash.

Spread: Japan -0.5 (-110)

The team’s consistent and well-rounded performances suggest they will likely secure a victory by a margin surpassing the spread.

Total: 2.5 under (-172)

Given the teams’ defensive solidity and the high stakes of the quarterfinals, a closely contested match with fewer goals is a likely outcome.

Prediction: 0-2 Japan win

As the quarterfinal clash between Japan Women and Sweden Women approaches, the stage is set for a thrilling encounter that could reshape the landscape of the FIFA Women’s World Cup. With both teams displaying remarkable skills and tactical acumen, the goaltenders’ performances will undoubtedly play a pivotal role. Live betting in Canada adds an exciting dimension to the event, allowing fans to engage with the match in real time. As the anticipation builds, expert predictions point to a closely contested match, with Japan Women emerging as the favored team to secure a spot in the semifinals.