UFC 292: Andrea Lee vs. Natalia Silva 8/19/23 Best Bets, Analysis, and Odds

Andrea Lee vs. Natalia Silva 8/19/23 – As UFC 292 draws nearer, fight fans and bettors alike are excitedly preparing for what promises to be an electrifying match between two formidable competitors: Andrea Lee and Natalia Silva will take center stage on August 19, 2023, for what has quickly become one of the most anticipated fights of MMA history. We must thoroughly assess each fighter’s strengths and weaknesses to make informed UFC picks for this intriguing battle.

Andrea Lee vs. Natalia Silva

Date & Time: Saturday, August 19, 2023, at 6:30 PM ET 

Location: TD Garden, Boston, Massachusetts, USA


Andrea Lee vs. Natalia Silva 8/19/23 Betting Odds

Lee +285

Andrea Lee Analysis

Andrea “KGB” Lee, known for her record of 13-7-0, enters the octagon with an impressive record. Measuring 5’6″, Lee has an advantage in height over Natalia Silva and boasts an average striking rate of 5.13 significant strikes per minute with 48% striking accuracy; her striking defense stands at 64% to demonstrate her ability to block opponents’ strikes effectively. Lee recently faced an extremely challenging fight with Barber that ultimately resulted in her losing. Even so, Lee displayed resilience and determination despite this setback; perhaps viewing it as a valuable learning experience that inspired her to refine her strategy and address potential vulnerabilities to come back stronger than ever and demonstrate her true capabilities.

On defense, Lee has recorded an impressive takedown defense rate of 54%, showing her ability to avoid her opponents taking her down and controlling where the fight occurs. Her grappling game includes 2.04 takedowns per 15 minutes with an accuracy rate of 57%; furthermore, Lee averages one submission every 15 minutes showing how efficiently she capitalizes on ground opportunities.

Natalia Silva Analysis

Natalia Silva boasts an impressive 15-5-1 record. Despite standing just 5’4″ shorter than Leonardo, Silva boasts an impressive striking game with 5.47 strikes per minute, striking accuracy of 53%, and absorbing only 1.90 significant strikes per minute in fights – something Leonardo demonstrated during their most recent bout against her. Silva’s recent victory strengthens her momentum, giving her greater confidence to face Andrea Lee in her next bout. Her ability to sustain high output strikes while minimizing damage speaks to her striking technique and defensive skills, with an impressive takedown defense rate of 92% indicating how adept she is at keeping the fight upright against attempts by her opponents to take it lower than intended.

Silva may not have recorded any submission victories in her recorded fights. Still, her takedown defense and striking abilities make her a well-rounded fighter who adds intrigue heading into UFC 292. Her recent successes provide an exciting narrative leading up to this fight.

Andrea Lee vs. Natalia Silva Stats

Average Fight Time13:599:48
Height5′ 6″5′ 4″
Weight125 lbs.125 lbs.
Strikes Landed per Min.5.135.47
Striking Accuracy48%53%
Strikes Absorbed per Min.3.591.90
Takedowns Average/15 min.2.041.02
Takedown Accuracy57%33%
Takedown Defense54%92%
Submission Average/15 min.0.60.0

Andrea Lee vs. Natalia Silva Free Picks

After carefully evaluating both fighters’ strengths and weaknesses, Natalia Silva is a clear favorite to win this matchup. Her striking prowess and exceptional takedown defense put her ahead in this matchup, while her ability to keep it standing could determine its pace and outcome. Given her recent win and statistical advantages over her opponent, Silva remains the favorite.

Free Pick: Natalia Silva -350

As UFC 292 approaches, anticipation for Andrea Lee vs. Natalia Silva continues to build. Both fighters bring unique skill sets and experiences and drive into the octagon, creating an exhilarating contest that could swing either way. Although fight games are inherently unpredictable, analytics offer insight into the potential dynamics of the battle between these two talented athletes who step onto MMA’s grand stage on August 19th, hoping to mark themselves into its history. Fight fans, enthusiasts, and Canada live betting enthusiasts all have their eyes fixed on Saturday; these two talented athletes take center stage to secure their places in its history books.