UFC ON ESPN 50 Billy Quarantillo vs. Damon Jackson 8-5-23 Tips, Odds, and Prediction

Billy Quarantillo vs. Damon Jackson 8/5/23 – Here is our UFC online picks feature, where we take a deep dive into Billy Quarantillo vs. Damon Jackson at UFC ON ESPN 50 on August 5, 2023, an anticipated Featherweight bout set to deliver an exhilarating display of skill and tenacity in the Octagon. We aim to analyse their performances and stats to offer helpful insight for Canadian betting and MMA enthusiasts.

Billy Quarantillo vs. Damon Jackson

Date & Time: Saturday, August 5, 2023, at 6:00 PM ET

Location: Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, Tennessee, USA


Billy Quarantillo vs. Damon Jackson 8/5/23 Betting Odds


Moneyline: -170


Moneyline: +145

Billy Quarantillo vs. Damon Jackson Analysis

Billy Quarantillo of the United States has demonstrated time after time that he is an impressive Featherweight talent, boasting an outstanding professional record of 17-5-0 and showing impressive offence and unwavering determination with an average fight time of 11 minutes and 4 seconds proving it. Quarantillo stands out with his unrelenting attack and unbreakable resolve – qualities which help make him one of the premier Featherweight fighters.

Quarantillo’s striking statistics demonstrate his superior striker skills. Averaging 7.86 significant strikes landed per minute at 58% exceptional accuracy, Quarantillo can keep opponents guessing with his consistent barrage of blows. With his aggressive style and penchant for setting the pace of fights, Quarantillo proves himself an indestructible foe on foot.

As with any high-volume striker, there are particular vulnerabilities which opponents may exploit. Quarantillo absorbs 5.79 significant strikes per minute, which suggests he is willing to absorb shots in exchange for landing his strikes. Although this strategy often pays off, it leaves openings for counterattacks that Damon Jackson could attempt to exploit.

Quarantillo excels in grappling and averages 1.51 takedowns every 15 minutes, with his 23% accuracy offset by a high defense rate (58%), making it hard for opponents to take him down and control the fight on the ground. Furthermore, his unique striking and grappling abilities keep opponents guessing his next move.

Quarantillo has demonstrated his mettle in the submission game as well. Averaging an average of 1.2 submission attempts every 15 minutes, Quarantillo can intimidate opponents with his grappling prowess and grapple-throwing power. Once the fight hits the floor, Quarantillo will easily hunt for submission opportunities, testing Damon Jackson’s defensive grappling skills to the limit.

Damon “The Leech” Jackson of America boasts an impressive professional record of 22-5-1 (1 NC). Known for his explosive style and ability to finish fights quickly, Jackson boasts an average fight time of 8 minutes and 57 seconds, showing his aggressive approach towards seeking finishes rather than letting battles drag on for too long.

Jackson may not possess as eye-catching striking statistics as Quarantillo, but his skills make up for any shortcomings in that department. Averaging 2.78 significant strikes landed per minute at 40% exceptional accuracy indicates his measured and calculated approach, often waiting for opportunities to land substantial blows when they arise. But what sets Jackson apart in striking defense is his impressive 5.1% defense rate which allows him to mitigate damage. At the same time, he effectively counteracts it and may prove pivotal for victory in battles he finds himself engaged with.

Jackson displays admirable takedown skills, averaging 2.35 takedowns per 15 minutes at 38% accuracy and boasting an excellent takedown defense rate of 40% despite his opponents saying he has superior wrestling or takedown abilities; his resilience allows him to escape difficult positions on the ground and remain effective under pressure.

Jackson displays a notable interest in grappling exchanges, averaging an average of 1.8 submission attempts every 15 minutes. Quarantillo must take note of Jackson’s submission game, as his ability to seize opportunities and look for fight-ending submissions could pose an immense threat against any opponent.

Billy Quarantillo vs. Damon Jackson Stats

Wins/Losses/Draws17-5-022-5-1 (1 NC)
Average Fight Time11:048:57
Height5′ 10″5′ 11″
Weight145 lbs.145 lbs.
Strikes Landed per Min.7.862.78
Striking Accuracy58%40%
Strikes Absorbed per Min.5.792.92
Takedowns Average/15 min.1.512.35
Takedown Accuracy23%38%
Takedown Defense58%40%
Submission Average/15 min.1.21.8

Billy Quarantillo vs. Damon Jackson Free Pick

Considering the analysis of both fighters, our pick for this bout leans towards Billy Quarantillo. His striking volume, accuracy, and formidable takedown defense provide him with a well-rounded approach to effectively combat Damon Jackson’s strengths. While Jackson possesses his skills and finishing capabilities, Quarantillo’s offensive prowess and defensive acumen could give him the edge in this matchup.

Free Pick: Billy Quarantillo -170

As the date approaches for UFC ON ESPN 50, the excitement among Canadian UFC betting enthusiasts and MMA fans is palpable. Billy Quarantillo and Damon Jackson are set to clash in a memorable Featherweight bout, each bringing their unique abilities to the table. While both fighters are incredibly talented and determined, Quarantillo’s well-rounded skills and past performances tip the scales in his favor in this matchup. However, in MMA, anything can happen, and fans can anticipate a thrilling showdown that will undoubtedly deliver moments of heart-stopping action and excitement.