UFC ON ESPN 51 JP Buys vs. Marcus McGhee 8-12-23 Prediction, Tips, and Odds

JP Buys vs. Marcus McGhee 8/12/23 – Prepare to enter the world of MMA and experience its fierce competitors. Today we have an exhilarating bantamweight battle between JP Buys and Marcus McGhee at the Octagon Arena, which promises an exciting fight on Saturday. Here we provide free MMA picks by analyzing both fighters’ strengths and weaknesses and reviewing past performances to offer our top pick for a victorious contender in this exciting fight.

JP Buys vs. Marcus McGhee

Date & Time: Saturday, August 12, 2023, at 4:00 PM ET

Location: UFC Apex, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


JP Buys vs. Marcus McGhee 8/12/23 Betting Odds


JP Buys Analysis

JP “Young Savage” Buys has garnered much praise with his impressive bantamweight record 9-5-0. As an aggressive fighter with an extensive grappling game that offers both bold striking and versatile grappling moves, Buys has proven himself a formidable opponent for many of his opponents. Buys exhibits a practical strike-landing approach in his striking department, landing 1.89 significant strikes per minute at 44% accuracy with impressive precision in his past fights. His striking proficiency can be seen through various techniques and strikes that keep opponents guessing. Yet, while Buys excels at offense delivery, he does show some vulnerabilities in defense, absorbing an average of 3.02 strikes per minute which Marcus McGhee could seek to exploit during their showdown.

JP Buys truly shines when fighting on the ground, where his formidable grappling abilities come into play. Averaging 1.65 takedowns every 15 minutes, Buys excels at taking fights down to the mat – and his submission average of 2.5 per 15 minutes proves this. His comprehensive game shows his ability to identify and finish opponents’ weaknesses quickly on the mat. Buys most recently faced defeat against Durden; nevertheless, he displayed resilience and tenacity throughout the fight, garnering valuable experience that may aid his performance in future contests.

Marcus McGhee Analysis

Marcus” The Maniac” McGhee has an impressive record in bantamweight competition. His striking-based fighting style makes opponents struggle to keep up with him due to his relentless pace and power in the cage. McGhee’s striking statistics speak volumes of his offensive prowess. His striking output is remarkable, with an average of 3.55 significant strikes landed per minute and 47% accuracy. Furthermore, his exceptional defensive skill sets McGhee apart from many other fighters: only 1.84 strikes were taken per minute against him. His combination of offense and defense makes McGhee an irresistibly formidable adversary; his opponents often find it challenging to gain a significant advantage during striking exchanges against him.

Marcus McGhee may specialize in striking, but don’t be aware of underestimating him in grappling. With an average of 2.1 submission attempts per 15 minutes and 100% takedown defense, McGhee presents an effective balancing act against fighters looking to take him down and exploit him on the ground. McGhee secured victory against Newson in his most recent match, showing off his aggressive striking and relentless pursuit of victory. This success will likely act as a driving force against Buys.

JP Buys vs. Marcus McGhee Stats

Average Fight Time7:177:03
Height5′ 5″5′ 8″
Weight135 lbs.135 lbs.
Strikes Landed per Min.1.893.55
Striking Accuracy44%47%
Strikes Absorbed per Min.3.021.84
Takedowns Average/15 min.1.650.00
Takedown Accuracy26%0%
Takedown Defense25%100%
Submission Average/15 min.2.52.1

JP Buys vs. Marcus McGhee Free Pick

After careful consideration, Marcus McGhee is our top pick in this bantamweight showdown. His impressive combination of striking skills and exceptional defensive abilities may prove challenging for Buys, who relies heavily on grappling techniques to dominate opponents. McGhee’s ferocity as a veteran fighter makes him the clear winner here.

Free Pick: Marcus McGhee -360

As anticipation builds for this thrilling bantamweight bout between JP Buys and Marcus McGhee at the Octagon Arena, all eyes will be focused on them for an unforgettable spectacle for MMA enthusiasts. While our pick leans towards Marcus McGhee as our top choice, we await when these warriors step into the cage to decide their victory. This showdown promises unbridled intensity and skill that should be noticed in Canadian live betting.