UFC ON ESPN 51 Polyana Viana vs. Iasmin Lucindo 8-12-23 Analysis, Best Picks, and Odds

Polyana Viana vs. Iasmin Lucindo 8/12/23 – Fight fans and bettors, prepare for our UFC betting predictions as we analyze the Women’s Strawweight Bout between Polyana Viana and Iasmin Lucindo at UFC on ESPN 51. Slated to occur August 12, 2023, at UFC Apex, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, this showdown promises thrills and an action-packed contest. Let’s break down both fighters’ strengths and weaknesses to provide accurate forecasts and picks ahead of Saturday’s epic showdown.

Polyana Viana vs. Iasmin Lucindo

Date & Time: Saturday, August 12, 2023, at 7:00 PM ET

Location: UFC Apex, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


Polyana Viana vs. Iasmin Lucindo 8/12/23 Betting Odds


Polyana Viana Analysis

Polyana “Dama de Ferro” Viana has demonstrated incredible skills in the octagon. Boasting an impressive 13-5-0 record and an average fight time of 7 minutes per bout, Viana has demonstrated her ability to capitalize on opportunities quickly and end fights quickly. Viana exhibits striking stats, landing 3.50 significant strikes per minute at 41% accuracy, with her striking defense absorbing 2.86 hits per minute at a 54% defense rate; these impressive statistics illustrate her ability to land and dodge hits effectively. Viana boasts an average takedown average of 0.80 per 15 minutes with an accuracy rate of 33% and an incredible submission game that averages an impressive 2.4 submissions per 15 minutes – evidenced by her recent victory against Frey in an octagon bout.

Polyana Viana‘s recent fight against Frey demonstrated her impressive abilities to manage and transition between striking and grappling. Viana used precise striking to damage Frey early, giving her a commanding lead during stand-up exchanges. Later in the bout, she showcased her grappling expertise by taking down Frey for takedowns and seeking submission opportunities; ultimately, Viana’s well-rounded skills proved too much for Frey and earned her an emphatic win.

Iasmin Lucindo Analysis

Iasmin Lucindo comes into this fight boasting an impressive 14-5-0 record that illustrates her tenacity and skill inside the octagon. Even though her average fight duration is double that of Viana’s fights, Lucindo has proved she can maintain high-performance levels over extended bouts. Lucindo stands out in her striking department by landing an impressive 3.97 significant strikes per minute with 39% striking accuracy, and her defensive strategy allows only 3.83 hits per minute for her to absorb, boasting a 68% defense rate. Lucindo stands out with her grappling game, boasting an average of 2.00 takedowns every 15 minutes and an impressive takedown accuracy rate of 57%. However, her takedown defense rate of zero raises concerns that she could be vulnerable to takedown attempts; similarly, her submission average is 0. Her strengths lie more with striking and takedowns rather than submission attempts.

Iasmin Lucindo showed off her striking prowess and takedown abilities during her most recent fight against Walker. Lucindo’s high-volume attacks allowed her to maintain control of the fight; additionally, her ability to secure takedowns and control ground position gave her distinct advantages that gave her significant advantages in this bout. While she didn’t secure any submissions, her dominating performance earned her an emphatic win.

Polyana Viana vs. Iasmin Lucindo Stats

Average Fight Time7:0015:00
Height5′ 5″5′ 3″
Weight115 lbs.115 lbs.
Strikes Landed per Min.3.503.97
Striking Accuracy41%39%
Strikes Absorbed per Min.2.863.83
Takedowns Average/15 min.0.802.00
Takedown Accuracy33%57%
Takedown Defense50%0%
Submission Average/15 min.2.40.0

Polyana Viana vs. Iasmin Lucindo Free Pick

Analyzing both fighters, it becomes apparent that each possesses distinct strengths and skill sets. While Polyana Viana exhibits intense submission games and precise striking, Iasmin Lucindo stands out with impressive takedowns and high-volume punching. Our pick for this fight is Iasmin Lucindo. Her takedown accuracy and ability to dictate the action with striking could prove decisive in her victory.

Free Pick: Iasmin Lucindo -185

As we eagerly anticipate the UFC on ESPN 51 Women’s Strawweight Bout between Polyana Viana and Iasmin Lucindo, excitement and anticipation run high. Both fighters have shown their worth in the octagon, making this matchup entertaining and suspenseful. Our analysis suggests Iasmin Lucindo may hold an edge, but anything can happen in mixed martial arts! Be sure to catch all the action, bet wisely at an authorized Canadian sportsbook, and watch these exciting bouts on August 12, 2023.