UFC ON ESPN 51 Vicente Luque vs. Rafael Dos Anjos 8-12-23 Odds, Picks, and Tips

Vicente Luque vs. Rafael Dos Anjos 8/12/23 – The UFC Apex event in Las Vegas, Nevada in the USA will be a thrilling showdown on Saturday as welterweights Vicente Luque and Rafael Dos Anjos step into the Octagon for a spectacular showdown. Our analysis will help you find UFC free picks in Canada for this fight. We cover each fighter’s strengths, weaknesses, past performances, and predictions.

Vicente Luque vs. Rafael Dos Anjos

Date & Time: Saturday, August 12, 2023, at 7:00 PM ET

Location: UFC Apex, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


Vicente Luque vs. Rafael Dos Anjos 8/12/23 Betting Odds

Dos Anjos-125

Vicente Luque Analysis

Vicente “The Silent Assassin” Luque has caused quite a buzz in the welterweight category with his impressive 21-9-1 professional record. At 5’11”, 170 pounds, and with a reach of 76″, his superior physicality allows him to keep an advantageous distance during fights while landing more punches. Luque has shown this through an energetic style characterized by 5.49 significant strikes per minute, which indicates his steady pace while inflicting damage onto opponents; his striking accuracy rating stands at 52%, so every hit counts.

Luque has displayed exceptional striking abilities and defensive prowess in equal measure, boasting an outstanding defense rate of 52% which shows his ability to avoid significant strikes from his opponents and capitalize on counter opportunities while mitigating damage. Luque has demonstrated these attributes when competing at high-level MMA competitions; however, his most recent fight against Neal ended in defeat. This loss is a stark reminder that even the most remarkable fighters face setbacks and obstacles in their careers; therefore, observing how Luque reacts after such a setback and whether he can adjust against an experienced opponent like Rafael Dos Anjos will be intriguing.

Rafael Dos Anjos Analysis

Rafael Dos Anjos boasts an outstanding 32-14-0 record as an accomplished veteran welterweight fighter. Standing 5′ 8″, Dos Anjos utilizes an exciting southpaw style when competing at 170 lbs. His presence provides opponents with something different than traditional fighters can provide. Dos Anjos is a versatile fighter with impressive striking skills. He regularly delivers an average rate of 3.56 significant strikes per minute, demonstrating his consistent offensive output. While Dos Anjos falls slightly short in accuracy (compared to Luque), his 61% striking defense rate allows him to avoid significant strikes more effectively, making Dos Anjos difficult for opponents to land clean shots on.

Dos Anjos recently recorded a win against Barberena to demonstrate the dominance of his division. Dos Anjos credits his success to adaptability while formulating effective game plans against various opponents, thanks to experience and a well-rounded skillset. Against Luque, Dos Anjos should anticipate another stern test of skill and adaptability.

Vicente Luque vs. Rafael Dos Anjos Stats

LuqueDos Anjos
Average Fight Time9:2014:36
Height5′ 11″5′ 8″
Weight170 lbs.170 lbs.
Strikes Landed per Min.5.493.56
Striking Accuracy52%47%
Strikes Absorbed per Min.5.513.21
Takedowns Average/15 min.0.512.05
Takedown Accuracy50%35%
Takedown Defense61%59%
Submission Average/15 min.0.80.6

Vicente Luque vs. Rafael Dos Anjos Free Pick

Given their analysis, it’s evident that this fight will be closely contested; my pick for this bout is Rafael Dos Anjos. Although Vicente Luque possesses impressive striking and reach abilities, Dos Anjos’ well-rounded skill set, solid striking defense, and takedown accuracy give him an edge in this bout. Additionally, Dos Anjos’ resilience over his career while adapting quickly makes him invaluable as an opponent; experience and control over pace will play critical roles in his victory.

Free Pick: Rafael Dos Anjos -125

Vicente Luque and Rafael Dos Anjos face off in an exciting welterweight bout at UFC ON ESPN 51. Our UFC betting guide in Canada favors Rafael Dos Anjos as the favorite to win this fight; however, Luque’s striking power and reach could prove decisive factors. Don’t miss this epic fight for supremacy inside the Octagon on August 8, 2023; enjoy this action-packed night, and may the best fighter prevail!