Cincinnati Bearcats vs. Kansas Jayhawks NCAAB Betting Picks and Prediction for Monday, January 22, 2024

Cincinnati Bearcats vs. Kansas Jayhawks – On January 22nd 2024, two powerful teams will face off in an exhilarating NCAA Men’s Basketball matchup – Cincinnati Bearcats against Kansas Jayhawks! Scheduled for Monday evening, this clash between 13-4 Bearcats and 15-2 Jayhawks promises an engaging contest that provides bettors and enthusiasts alike an exciting test of skill, strategy and strategy – as well as providing wagering enthusiasts the chance to locate top betting sites in Canada!

Cincinnati Bearcats vs. Kansas Jayhawks

Date & Time: Monday, January 22, 2024, at 9:00 PM ET

Location: Allen Fieldhouse


Cincinnati Bearcats vs. Kansas Jayhawks Betting Odds


Cincinnati Bearcats Analysis

The Cincinnati Bearcats’ offensive strategy relies heavily on effective inside-the-arc play. Their high field goal percentage (45.6%) proves their ability to find and convert high percentage shots consistently, which contributes to their strong offensive output. They excel at drawing fouls quickly (though their free throw percentage (67.1%) needs improvement) drawing plenty of fouls themselves and quickly drawing fouls against themselves (drawing 7.7 three point field goals per game indicates an outside shooting capability that adds another dimension and balance to their offense).

Bearcats defense can be formidable, as evidenced by their ability to block shots (4.2 per game) and secure defensive rebounds (28.1). Unfortunately, their perimeter defense sometimes falters against teams with strong outside shooters; but their aggressive approach and forced turnovers (6.4 steals per game) demonstrate this approach – yet care must be taken not overcommit too soon and leave themselves vulnerable against counter attacks; striking an effective balance between aggression and discipline will be paramount when taking on Kansas Jayhawks in an upcoming matchup.

Viktor Lakhin has been one of the Bearcats’ standout performers this season, contributing both scoring and rebounding skills to Cincinnati’s game plan while having an impactful presence both offensively and defensively. Lakhin’s proficiency from inside the arc will be critical in breaking down Kansas defense while his free throw shooting may become a source of contention during tight contests.

Kansas Jayhawks Analysis

Kansas Jayhawks offense is marked by efficiency and balance. Their outstanding field goal percentage of 50.94% attests to their team-oriented style that opponents find hard to defend against, not overrelying on three-pointers but still scoring solid percentages (35.9%), but providing scoring options nonetheless. Their high average assists per game (20.9) highlights this.

Defensively, the Jayhawks excel at disrupting opponents’ offensive flow. Their higher steal rate (7.4 steals per game) indicates an aggressive defensive posture which often results in fast break opportunities and easy scoring chances on fast break points. Their average block count (4.6) also displays their ability to protect the rim; essential when restricting opponents from scoring inside. But be wary of committing too many fouls; otherwise this will provide Bearcats easy scoring chances from free throw lines.

Kevin McCullar Jr. is at the core of Kansas Jayhawks success. His scoring ability, playmaking prowess and defensive steals add immense value to Kansas strategy and provide crucial leadership and performances at both ends of the court in helping Kansas secure victory over Cincinnati! KC relies heavily on Kevin’s leadership and performances both Kevins provide in order to claim victory!

Cincinnati Bearcats vs. Kansas Jayhawks Against the Spread

The Bearcats have had mixed success against the spread, going 3-2 over their last five games overall and 2-3 away from home against it – suggesting some inconsistency in their ability to cover spreads when traveling away games.

The Jayhawks boast an identical record against the spread over their last five games (3-2), yet their road performances have been less impressive, as evidenced by an even worse record (2-4) against the spread – suggesting potential weaknesses when away from home that could play an integral part of this matchup.

Cincinnati Bearcats vs. Kansas Jayhawks Free Pick

Based on odds, trends, team stats, and key players, here are the picks:

Moneyline: Kansas Jayhawks. Their overall season performance and offensive consistency give them a slight edge in this matchup.

Spread: Cincinnati Bearcats. Based on their recent performance against the spread and ability to keep games close, they make for an attractive option in covering.

Total: OVER. Both teams have displayed the ability to score highly, suggesting an engaging contest with high total scores.

Predicted Score: Kansas Jayhawks 82, Cincinnati Bearcats 78.

Finalizing their match between Cincinnati Bearcats and Kansas Jayhawks should prove exciting and competitive, with either team holding distinct advantages when betting moneylines against or spread bets, both projected to score high total scores (over would make sense!). Anyone searching for reliable NCAAB picks or predictions might also find this contest exciting; both could make this memorable contest!