March Madness Preview: A Week of Upsets, Comebacks, and Buzzer-Beaters

March Madness Preview – The fervor is getting strong, and the coming week in college basketball gave some taste of the chaos and promised excitement, making it the perfect time to search for March Madness free picks today. From last-second heroics to tearful tributes, the sport, in a nutshell, pretty much proved why March is the one month any sporting fan does their level best to work a schedule around. Let’s have a look at the highlights, the lowlights, and whatever was in-between from a week well poised to launch into the inevitable madness.

The Emergence of Reed Sheppard

The story commandeering the days, if not the week, if not the season, has been Kentucky freshman stunner Reed Sheppard. As if he were written in the stars, he accounted for 32 points in a career game at Mississippi State—never mind that a game-winning overtime shot is sure to make the cut for the SC Top 10 of the week or month—married to a steal at the other That’s epitomized in the Matt Norlander feature on Sheppard, a star whose path to learn how to fly was as compelling as a game-winning shove.

Western Michigan’s Buzzer-Beater

The Mid-American Conference, which has been affectionately known as “MACtion,” did not fail to live up to its name and maybe even exceeded it with some of the most wild finishes on Thursday. Western Michigan, for its part, one-upped all of their opponents in regards to that with their own win that was even wilder and more wackier by comparison. In fact, with time running out and mere seconds to act, it was a full-court heave that looked out of control when it left his hands. This finish epitomizes the unpredictable nature of college basketball, where anything can happen, and usually does.

Jarod Lucas’s Unbelievable Shot

For the poor souls blacked out from any late-night Mountain West drama, here’s a sliver of a recap. Nevada and Colorado State met for a game that was decided to the last inch. Jarod Lucas hit a mid-court shot for the win at the horn, the junior’s moment of sheer audacity and skill landing after a turnover at the opposite

Rob Whaley Jr.’s Aerial Display

Though the competition for the dunk of the week was very high, Rob Whaley Jr. finally takes the cake. The dunk was not only a show of athleticism but a statement even more so by occurrence in overtime. It’s plays of this nature which absolutely make this sport the pulsating game that it is.

Howard Moore’s Inspirational Moment

During a week in which one wowing athletic feat followed another, one of the most touching moments actually came away from the court. Honored in a moving ceremony was former Wisconsin assistant coach Howard Moore, who, along with his family, survived a heartrending accident. Everyone involved, from the support for Moore and concluding with a standing ovation for him, to the naming of the new men’s basketball offices in his honor, showed again just how much college basketball has become a tight-knit family.

Alabama’s Proactive Approach

It reflected a generalization on court-storming-related controversies in recent years, and the University of Alabama prepared for the instance to do its best in ensuring everyone stayed safe. This was part of a larger movement by colleges in general to take into account player and fan safety as March Madness approaches.

Kansas and Self Reflect on a Challenging Season

The biggest loser of all, of course, was the Kansas Jayhawks, who under Coach Bill Self recorded the most defeats in conference play during his tenure. But, in Self’s eyes, failure was to be seen differently and he maintained a positive outlook talk of improvements and strength. As teams prepare for the uncertainty of the tournament, past performances dissolve into what can happen now this year.
All the stages ahead contain something luring for the fans and the bettors heading towards the same, with most of the Canadian top betting sites buzzing with their preview and analysis for the fact. The simple unpredictability, drama, and above all, the gaiety that the game brings makes it the March Madness to be remembered. If that wasn’t enough, for a committed fan or just a casual dabbler, the prospects are in place for one heck of a talent, determination and heart display.