Monza vs. Empoli 8-26-23 Serie A Soccer Odds, Prediction, and Analysis

Monza vs. Empoli 8/26/23 – On August 26th, 2023, at Stadio Brianteo, the Monza (0-0-1) vs Empoli (0-0-1) Serie A clash promises an intense battle of tactics and skills, with Serie A betting picks pointing towards key players like Michele Di Gregorio of Monza and Elia Caprile of Empoli. These players are primary examples, with both teams aiming for early-season success through exceptional goalkeeping play.

Monza vs. Empoli 

Date & Time: Saturday, August 26, 2023 at 12:30 PM ET

Location: U-Power Stadium

TV: Paramount+

Monza vs. Empoli 8/26/23 Betting Odds

Monza-110-0.5 (-110)2.5 over (+100)+270
Empoli +315+0.5 (-110)2.5 under (-120)

Monza Analysis

Monza will look to prove themselves after an inconsistent start to the season, relying heavily on their defensive stability as a critical asset that could determine this matchup against Empoli. Their 1.27 goals per 90 minutes indicate vulnerability; however, their performance from last season shows otherwise: with 10 clean sheets and a goal difference of -1, they showed their ability to secure victories against formidable opposition, with a 27.0% clean sheet rate being critical indicators of their strong organization that will play such an integral part against Empoli.

Michele Di Gregorio is the cornerstone of Monza’s defensive setup, boasting an impressive 60-37-38 professional soccer career record that speaks volumes of his experience and command over Monza’s backline. Di Gregorio boasts 47 clean sheets and a 34.8% clean sheet percentage; his goals against per 90 minutes average stands at 1.12, and his save percentage of 73.8 further reinforces Monza’s defensive resolve; as their goalkeeper, he plays an instrumental role in dismantling Empoli’s offensive threats.

Empoli Analysis

Empoli boasts both defensive tenacity and offensive flair in their play, boasting a clean sheet rate of 24.3% from last season’s fixtures and an improved goal differential of -10 that illustrates room for improvement and resilience in the face of challenges. Their next match against Monza allows them to showcase their abilities against an eager opponent.

Empoli’s last line of defense, Caprile, boasts an outstanding save percentage of 78.0 and 14 shutouts, demonstrating his proficiency at making decisive stops. Caprile also contributes to Empoli’s defensive scheme by keeping opponents away and contributing to their overall strategy. Francesco Caputo leads their attack with his impressive career goal total of 183 goals; his ability to find the back of the net, create goal-scoring chances, read games accurately, and read opponent defense makes him an essential piece in Empoli’s offensive approach; his experience and skill make him an unpredictable force that Monza must account for.

Monza vs. Empoli Against the Spread

Monza is 0-1 in their last five games, while Empoli mirrors the same record. Both teams have also struggled against the spread, going 0-1 in their last five games in that category. Additionally, the totals have trended towards the under, with neither Monza nor Empoli seeing their last games over the line.

Monza vs. Empoli Free Pick

Considering both teams’ strengths and vulnerabilities, it’s reasonable to expect a closely contested match. Here are our recommended picks for Monza vs. Empoli matchup:

Moneyline: Monza -110

Monza’s defensive resilience and past clean sheet rate make them a favorable choice on the moneyline. Their ability to control the game’s tempo could translate into a victory.

Spread: Monza -0.5 (-110)

Monza’s potential to secure a win, coupled with the narrow spread of 0.5, provides an enticing opportunity for a spread bet. Their defensive capabilities might give them an edge in covering this spread.

Total: 2.5 over (+100)

Considering both teams’ attacking prowess and the odds favoring the over, a wager on the total goals surpassing 2.5 could yield returns. The potential for a 2-1 scoreline supports this prediction.

Draw: +270

While a draw is always possible, an evenly contested match could lead to a draw scenario, given Empoli’s attacking strength and Monza’s resilient defense.

Prediction: 1-2 Monza win

As the Monza vs Empoli match approaches, excitement and intrigue surrounding this Serie A clash are increasing exponentially. Michele Di Gregorio and Elia Caprile look set to play pivotal roles, and both teams are displaying their strengths and weaknesses; soccer fans engaging in sports betting in Canada can expect an entertaining matchup where predictions and picks align perfectly with odds and performance metrics; it promises an eye-catching showdown that perfectly represents Italian football!