NBA 2023 Slam Dunk Contest 2/18/23 Prediction, Best Picks and Odds

NBA 2023 Slam Dunk Contest 2/18/23 – Four aerial acrobats will take to the air in the 2023 AT&T Slam Dunk competition at Vivint Arena, Salt Lake City. This contest will crown a new champion in slam dunk. All-Star Saturday Night’s final event will be the Slam Dunk. NBA Slam Dunk betting sites are up for the online bettors.

Betting Odds

Jericho Sims (New York Knicks) +310

Mac McClung (Philadelphia 76ers) -110

Trey Murphy III (New Orleans Pelicans) +365

Kenyon Martin Jr. (Houston Rockets) +310


KJ Martin (Houston Rockets) is the son of Kenyon Martin who was the former number one overall pick in the 2000 NBA Draft. Kenyon Junior, a forward for the Houston Rockets aged 22 is beginning to play a part as a combo forward in his 3rd season. KJ, who is 6’6” inches shorter than his father, is one of the best jumpers in the league. He could be the favorite to win the competition. Martin dunk one of his best dunks earlier in the month.

Mac McClung, G. Delaware Blue Coats/Philadelphia 76ers. McClung hasn’t played in an NBA match this season. However, the G League guard in Philadelphia’s system was invited to add excitement to the contest. McClung was a popular mixtape player in high school and had a successful college career at Texas Tech and Georgetown. Although he has only played in two NBA games, with the Bulls and Lakers, he still enjoys a large fanbase from his days playing as a prospect. McClung, who is 6’2” inches tall, is a skilled jumper and his dunks will be even more impressive. McClung is excited to be in the spotlight for this moment and will have something to show for it when the lights go on.

Trey Murphy III F, New Orleans Pelicans Murphy is currently in his second season with the Pelicans. Although the 6’9” wing is most well-known for his shooting abilities, he has been dunkin’ the ball the whole season. Murphy has already dunk 62 times this season, despite only hitting 17 dunks as a rookie. Murphy was invited to this contest by the Pelicans, who lobbied for him. The NBA agreed.

Jericho Sims was an avid workout warrior when he entered into the draft from Texas two years ago. Sims, a 6’10” center, recorded a 44.5 inch max vertical, which is the highest ever recorded at the draft combine. Sims’ incredible leaping ability makes it easy for him to wow the judges in a contest of dunks. Sims is known for keeping his eyes above the rim when he dunks.

Slam Dunk Free Pick

Martin is the pick of the NBA Slam Dunk betting lines. Sims’ jumping is amazing, but they don’t think he has the creativity or flexibility to excel in this event. Martin has had a quiet season for a poor Rockets team. It feels like a major showing in this contest could make him a household name.

Free Pick: Kenyon Martin Jr. +310