New York Yankees vs. Detroit Tigers 8-28-23 MLB Odds, Analysis, and Best Picks

New York Yankees vs. Detroit Tigers 8/28/23 – Buzz has been building around an exciting MLB showdown between the New York Yankees and Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park. Luis Severino will lead off for the Yankees, while Reese Olson will assume critical roles for Detroit in this clash of American League contenders. Baseball betting picks could be integral to this matchup between American League competitors.

New York Yankees vs. Detroit Tigers

Date & Time: Monday, August 28, 2023 at 6:40 PM ET

Location: Comerica Park


New York Yankees vs. Detroit Tigers 8/28/23 Betting Odds

Yankees -106-1.5 (+150)9 over (-110)
Tigers-104+1.5 (-170)9 under (-110)

New York Yankees Analysis

The New York Yankees step onto the field with a legacy of offensive prowess, with a batting average of .229. Throughout the season, they’ve demonstrated their ability to drive in runs, having amassed an impressive 544 and 178 home runs. With an on-base percentage of 0.304, they consistently find ways to reach base, and their slugging percentage stands at 0.401, showcasing their ability to hit for power. However, recent challenges have cast a shadow over their performance, as evidenced by their 2-12 record in the last 14 games—a period that has tested their mettle. Despite these difficulties, the Yankees have managed to maintain a dominating 5-1 record against the Detroit Tigers in their last 6 matchups, a testament to their historical edge over their opponents.

On the pitching front, Luis Severino takes the mound for the Yankees, shouldering the responsibility to curtail the Tigers’ offensive ambitions. Severino’s win-loss record of 3-8 this season is coupled with an earned run average of 7.26, reflecting his challenges on the mound. His walks and hits per inning pitched at 1.75 indicate the hurdles he’s navigated throughout his 16 games played. While his performance might not have reached its zenith, his 74.1 innings pitched, 98 hits allowed, and 60 earned runs surrendered demonstrate his sheer presence and the potential to impact this pivotal game.

Detroit Tigers Analysis

Contrasting the Yankees, the Detroit Tigers emerge with a batting average .235. They’ve battled to score 514 runs and hit 131 home runs throughout the season, showcasing their offensive capabilities. Their on-base percentage of 0.301 signifies their knack for reaching base, and a slugging percentage of 0.379 illustrates their ability to drive the ball for extra bases. As the Tigers stride into this game, their recent triumphs resonate—they’ve secured wins in 11 of their last 15 Monday games and 5 of their last 6 games overall. This recent form attests to their resilience and signifies their potential as a formidable opponent for the Yankees.

Taking the pitcher’s mound for the Tigers, Reese Olson steps into the spotlight. Holding a win-loss record of 2-5 and an earned run average of 5.29, Olson’s journey through the season has been marked by his efforts to navigate the challenges posed by opposing batters. His walks and hits per inning pitched at 1.25 underline his ability to control the base paths, and his 68 innings pitched, 65 hits allowed, and 40 earned runs conceded reflect his contributions on the field. While Olson’s statistics might not carry the weight of some of his counterparts, his role in influencing the outcome of this matchup should not be underestimated.

New York Yankees vs. Detroit Tigers Against the Spread

The Tigers have demonstrated a remarkable track record on Mondays, winning 11 out of their last 15 matchups on this particular day of the week. This success illustrates their ability to begin each week with energy and resolve, possibly signifying a focused and motivated squad on Mondays that could make an impactful statement against the Yankees.

However, when considering the spread, it’s essential to remember that both teams have recently experienced difficulty covering it. The Yankees have faced issues in covering it recently with their 2-12 record in 14 games; similarly, the Tigers’ results have been unpredictable due to a 2-4 record over their past 6 contests, indicating some degree of unpredictability in their outcomes.

New York Yankees vs. Detroit Tigers Free Pick

Based on the odds, team performances, and trends, here are the recommended picks:

Moneyline: Tigers -104

The Tigers’ recent form and resilience make them an appealing moneyline bet, particularly with Olson potentially shutting down Yankee bats to help hold back offensive power. Their offensive skills and Olson’s defense helped increase their odds of taking home victory.

Spread: Yankees -1.5 (+150)

Though they’ve recently struggled, the Yankees have a considerable history against the Tigers and could win by more than one run. Furthermore, attractive odds suggest this pick may also cover the spread.

Total: 9 over (-110)

Due to both teams’ offensive prowess and previous games going over 9 total runs, an over 9 total runs line appears like an appealing bet. Both have shown the ability to score, leading to increased scoring potential in this contest.

Prediction: 5-6 New York Yankees win

New York Yankees and Detroit Tigers are set for an intriguing battle at Comerica Park that promises excitement and uncertainty, featuring potent offenses from each side and unpredictable starting pitchers that could influence the result. Fans and bettors are likely tuning in, providing valuable insight into sports betting in Canada and worldwide. Our picks are based on odds, trends, team performances, and other parameters.