Northeastern Huskies vs. Monmouth Hawks NCAAB Betting Picks and Prediction for Monday, January 8, 2024

Northeastern Huskies vs. Monmouth Hawks – As we await Monday’s thrilling matchup between Northeastern Huskies and Monmouth Hawks on January 8th 2024, NCAAB fans and betting enthusiasts are growing excited. Northeastern has an average record at 5-9 against Monmouth who boast an improved 8-6 mark – Chris Doherty from Northeastern will go head-to-head against Monmouth’s Xander Rice and both players should make notable impacts during this matchup for fans and bettors alike! For betting enthusiasts seeking NCAAB free betting picks this matchup offers great betting opportunities!

Northeastern Huskies vs. Monmouth Hawks

Date & Time: Monday, January 8, 2024, at 7:00 PM ET

Location: Donald W. Reynolds Center


Northeastern Huskies vs. Monmouth Hawks Betting Odds


Northeastern Huskies Analysis

Northeastern Huskies’ offensive strategy this season has been built around efficient shooting and balanced attacks. Their field goal accuracy, especially two-point shots from Chris Doherty has been exceptional; yet three point shooting at only 31% may limit their ability to stretch defenses during games; this deficiency may become evident against Monmouth, known for their strong perimeter defense.

On defense, the Huskies have displayed both promise and inconsistencies. While their ability to create turnovers – they average 6.2 steals per game – illustrates their ability to disrupt opposing offenses, their average of 15.1 fouls per game indicates over-aggression that leads to unnecessary penalties and free throw opportunities for their opponents. Finding a balance between aggressive defensive play without incurring too many fouls will be essential against teams like the Hawks that thrive from free-throw attempts.

Northeastern faces significant difficulties with depth and bench contributions, particularly those provided by Doherty. Although their starting lineup has been strong, frequently turning on Doherty for consistent performances, their bench may struggle when forced to fill extended voids during high-intensity matches like Monmouth where fatigue management will be critical to victory. Northeastern’s ability to maintain performance levels throughout games will ultimately determine their success or otherwise.

Monmouth Hawks Analysis

Monmouth Hawks have proven themselves an impressive offensive team this season, thanks to their impressive three-point shooting. Averaging 7.6 threes per game at 37.2% shooting rate and shooting 7.6 threes on an average game could pose a considerable threat from beyond the arc against Northeastern’s defense. Furthermore, their ball movement and spacing offense allows players such as Xander Rice to exploit defenses both with scoring and playmaking ability; an approach which will prove key against an opponent with significant defensive weaknesses like Northeastern.

On defense, the Hawks have displayed both aggressive and strategic play. Averaging 7.9 steals per game speaks to their defensive prowess and pressure they apply on opposing ball handlers; yet their 16.6 average fouls per game can be detrimental; giving opponents easy scoring opportunities at free throw line and disrupting rhythm – something Northeastern excels in doing efficiently.

Monmouth also holds an edge with their bench strength and rotation flexibility, giving them a competitive advantage against teams like Northeastern that rely less on bench contributions such as their Huskies. Their depth allows them to maintain intensity throughout a game while also managing player fatigue for key moments – something Northeastern must rely on heavily as well. Monmouth may use this advantage of their bench depth against Northeastern as they look for victory against them.

Northeastern Huskies vs. Monmouth Hawks Against the Spread

The Huskies have had difficulty against the spread this season, posting only three wins out of their last five contests against it (2-1-1 record). Yet their 5-4 road mark suggests an ability to cope with tough environments away from home.

Monmouth Hawks have been more consistent, boasting a 4-1 record against the spread in their last five games and boasting an even stronger road performance with 5-1 road record against spread, suggesting a high probability for Monmouth to cover this matchup’s spread.

Northeastern Huskies vs. Monmouth Hawks Free Pick

Based on odds, trends, team stats, and key players, here are the picks:

Moneyline: Monmouth Hawks. Given their overall better record and impressive performance against the spread, especially in home games, the Hawks seem to be the safer bet.

Spread: Monmouth Hawks. Considering their recent form and consistency against the spread, the Hawks are likely to cover.

Total: Over. Both teams have a tendency to score high, and the game’s total is likely to go over, considering their offensive capabilities.

Predicted Score: Monmouth Hawks 75, Northeastern Huskies 68.

Overall, while this game offers several intriguing angles for betting purposes, the Monmouth Hawks seem like the more reliable pick both moneyline and spread. Their offensive consistency and home court advantage make them safer bets in this contest; sports betting in Canada continues to expand and this game presents an excellent opportunity for bettors looking to capitalize on NCAAB action.