Power and Precision Ranking the Top 10 Wingers in the NHL for 2023-24

Ranking the Top 10 Wingers in the NHL for 2023-24 – Once overlooked in favor of centers and defensemen, wingers have started to gain recognition in the NHL. From scoring essential goals to providing reliable defense, these versatile players are integral to team success. As evidenced by players such as Matthew Tkachuk and David Pastrnak setting new career records this season alone, NHL picks focused on wingers are now more critical than ever. So, let’s look at who is amongst the Top 10 Wingers from the 2023 NHL Season.

Ranking the Top 10 Wingers in the NHL for 2023-24The Unstoppable Force: Matthew Tkachuk

1. Matthew Tkachuk | LW | Florida Panthers

Matthew Tkachuk has established himself as one of the NHL’s premier wingers after leading the Florida Panthers to the 2023 Stanley Cup Final. In his inaugural season with Florida, Tkachuk accumulated 40 goals and 69 assists for 109 points during five-on-five play with Florida. Furthermore, Tkachuk shined during playoff play, scoring 24 points over 20 games, further cementing his status as an elite NHL winger.

Goal-Scoring Machines: Pastrnak and Robertson

2. David Pastrnak | RW | Boston Bruins

David Pastrnak is known for his relentless goal-scoring. Last season, he scored an astonishing 61 goals. He added 52 assists for an outstanding total of 113 points – second only to Connor McDavid in the Maurice Rocket Richard Trophy race but second on our list due to his goal-scoring ability.

3. Jason Robertson | LW | Dallas Stars

Jason Robertson has enjoyed an astounding rise since his 46-goal, 109-point season with the Dallas Stars in 2016. At just 23 years old, he’s become an integral component of a squad positioned to win the Stanley Cup.

The Versatile Wingers: Marner and Rantanen

4. Mitch Marner | RW | Toronto Maple Leafs

Mitch Marner is the definition of a versatile winger. Not only did he score 30 goals and 69 assists last season, he played over 1,702 minutes across power play and penalty kill – making him one of the league’s most valuable wingers.

5. Mikko Rantanen | RW | Colorado Avalanche

Mikko Rantanen had to step up for the Colorado Avalanche after suffering multiple injuries, and he did it magnificently. With 55 goals and 50 assists to his credit, Rantanen demonstrated that he’s more than capable of carrying the team when called upon.

The Emerging Stars: Kaprizov and Kucherov

6. Kirill Kaprizov | LW | Minnesota Wild

Kirill Kaprizov made an unforgettable impact despite injury restrictions, scoring 40 goals and 35 assists across 67 games to demonstrate consistency and flair. Given his impressive pace, Kaprizov could easily have eclipsed 50 goals during a healthy season. Yet his skills go well beyond just scoring goals. Kaprizov has demonstrated an exceptional ability to lift his teammates despite not having access to a top-caliber center, making him an invaluable two-way forward for Minnesota. Additionally, his defensive play has been more than adequate, making him an effective two-way forward. Kaprizov must now make his mark in postseason play. After being eliminated early last season, Kaprizov could provide Minnesota with that extra push they need for deeper playoff runs this time.

7. Nikita Kucherov | RW | Tampa Bay Lightning

Nikita Kucherov has long been one of the NHL’s models of consistency. At just 30 years old, he recorded an astounding 113-point season – 30 goals and 83 assists – proving age is no barrier to elite-level hockey. What distinguishes Kucherov is his ability to excel on special teams, like power play points that made up a significant chunk of his total while his defensive metrics still held strong; evidence of an all-around player. Now entering his 30s, Kucherov remains vitally part of Tampa Lightning’s quest for another Stanley Cup win.

On the Rise: Nylander, Stone, and Stützle

8. William Nylander | RW | Toronto Maple Leafs

Sharing the limelight with superstars such as Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner may seem daunting, yet William Nylander has more than held his own. Last season saw Nylander score 40 goals and 47 assists for an outstanding campaign. In a contract year, Nylander should see a tremendous motivational boost; there’s no reason to believe he won’t capitalize on it further and perhaps surpass last season’s performance. He possesses an array of assets that make him a versatile weapon within Toronto Leaf’s already potent offensive unit.

9. Mark Stone | RW | Vegas Golden Knights

Mark Stone delivered an incredible playoff performance despite experiencing multiple injury setbacks. He amassed 11 goals and 24 points across 23 games for the Vegas Golden Knights to lead them to winning the Stanley Cup.

10. Tim Stützle | LW | Ottawa Senators

Tim Stutzle is another promising player at just 20 years old who already shows signs of an impressive career. Last season, he scored 31 goals and 59 assists for Ottawa – becoming one of its cornerstone players for years to come.

The Wingers’ Era

The 2022-2023 NHL season has proven that wingers are key components to any team’s success, whether scoring key goals or providing solid defense – these top 10 wingers have all become household names among the league elite. As we look ahead to the 2023-2024 season, we can only anticipate more electrifying performances from these exceptional athletes, making Canadian sports betting on the NHL even more exhilarating.