Stefanos Tsitsipas vs Ben Shelton 8-16-23 ATP Odds, Best Picks, and Analysis

Stefanos Tsitsipas vs Ben Shelton 8/16/23 – On August 16th, 2023, the Western & Southern Open 2023 will witness a dynamic clash between Stefanos Tsitsipas and Ben Shelton that will delight tennis enthusiasts, ATP betting picks, and betting fans alike. Both formidable competitors will vie for supremacy in Cincinnati, USA – an experience to be noticed by tennis enthusiasts everywhere.

Stefanos Tsitsipas vs. Ben Shelton

Date & Time: Wednesday, August 16, 2023 at 1:30 PM ET

Location: Cincinnati, USA


Stefanos Tsitsipas vs Ben Shelton 8/16/23 Betting Odds

Ben Shelton+282

Stefanos Tsitsipas Analysis

Stefanos Tsitsipas has established himself as one of the tennis world’s rising stars in an impressive way this year. His journey through this season reveals both stellar achievements and moments which exposed weaknesses in his armor; most prominently was Tsitsipas’ extraordinary run to the final of the Australian Open earlier this year; against formidable Novak Djokovic in straight sets, Tsitsipas displayed glimpses of his unique skills, but his hopes of lifting that title ultimately went unfulfilled.

Tsitsipas’s performance on both clay and hard courts was evident by his quarterfinal run at the French Open; however, his hard-court game has garnered much more notice. At the Los Cabos Open, he earned a title victory by beating notable opponents such as Borna Coric; his aggressive playing style — often featuring powerful forehand strokes — proved very effective on these surfaces.

However, Tsitsipas’ season has not been free of setbacks. A notable setback occurred at the Canadian Open when he unexpectedly fell to Gael Monfils in Round 2. This loss raised questions about Tsitsipas’ consistency and ability to handle high-stakes encounters under pressure; moreover, his backhand had shown signs of vulnerability while his forehand exhibited signs of slipperiness when under duress – as was evidenced in one recent match against Federer.

Ben Shelton Analysis

Ben Shelton is an unseeded yet determined player looking to make his mark in tennis. Ranked 41st worldwide, Shelton’s journey has been marked by flashes of brilliance interspersed with challenges – his most noteworthy success this season came at the Australian Open when he stormed his way into the quarterfinals. Still, since then, consistency has proven difficult. He has struggled to replicate previous success.

Shelton’s recent Western & Southern Open performance showcases his adaptability and tenacity. After conceding a set against Christopher Eubanks, Shelton found himself trailing. However, his ability to adjust his strategy and raise his level of play helped him pull out a fantastic comeback victory with a scoreline of 5-7, 6-4, 6-4 that showcased his fighting spirit and capacity to rise to formidable opponents.

As these two distinct players step onto the court, their paths collide, bringing unique experiences, strengths, and challenges that will ultimately shape this match’s outcome. Tsitsipas’ history of highs and lows and Shelton’s ability to adapt quickly add an extra layer of intrigue and excitement for this ATP battle.

Stefanos Tsitsipas vs. Ben Shelton Free Pick

Stefanos Tsitsipas enters this match as the odds-driven favorite, reflecting his moneyline odds of -352. His higher ranking, outstanding track record on hard courts, and recent title win in Los Cabos all give him an advantage in this contest. With odds of +282, Ben Shelton stands as an underdog; although his comeback win showcased his resilience, it raises concerns about his sustained momentum.

Tsitsipas’s higher world ranking, impressive lead in ranking points earned this year, and proven track record on hard courts appear to favor him; his aggressive playing style and adept use of his forehand suggest that he may exploit Shelton’s vulnerabilities; however, tennis’ unpredictability allows for any outcome and any underdog victory is always possible given how quickly momentum shifts within a sport like tennis.

Free Pick: Stefanos Tsitsipas -352

Stefanos Tsitsipas and Ben Shelton will undoubtedly make for an exciting battle at the Western & Southern Open 2023, featuring unique strengths and challenges brought to bear by each player’s approach to tennis. Tsitsipas’ formidable record and aggressive playing style place him as the favorite. At the same time, Shelton may surprise with their adaptability and resilience, causing further surprises to emerge throughout their match at Sportsbook in Canada. Spectators and betting enthusiasts eagerly await its outcome; spectators anticipate its outcome.