Toronto Blue Jays vs. New York Mets 6-3-23 MLB Tips, Odds, and Best Picks

Toronto Blue Jays vs. New York Mets 6/3/23 – Baseball betting enthusiasts frequently turn to MLB betting forums for insight into upcoming matchups and potential wagers. On Saturday, the Toronto Blue Jays and the New York Mets will lock horns in what promises to be a riveting afternoon of baseball. The game will be live on MLBN, offering a compelling clash of starting pitchers.

Toronto Blue Jays vs. New York Mets

Date & Time: Saturday, June 3, 2023, at 4:10 PM ET

Location: Citi Field


Toronto Blue Jays vs. New York Mets 6/3/23 Betting Odds

Blue Jays

Moneyline: -113

Spread: +1.5 (-195)

Total: 9 over (-110)


Moneyline: +103

Spread: -1.5 (+170)

Total: 9 under (-110)

Toronto Blue Jays vs. New York Mets Analysis

On one corner of this contest, we have the Toronto Blue Jays. Their prowess on the field is spearheaded by an offense that could best be described as formidable. The team sports a commendable batting average of .266. This metric is a solid testament to their consistency at the plate and is only a piece of the offensive puzzle they’ve assembled this season. They’ve driven in 269 runs, a statistic that serves as a testament to their ability to capitalize on scoring opportunities when presented. Their ability to change the game in a single swing is also not to be underestimated, having racked up 64 home runs this season.

In addition to the potency of their bats, their ability to get on base, shown by an impressive .333 OBP, indicates a keen eye in the batter’s box and patience to wait for the right pitch. This is coupled with a .422 SLG, reflecting the team’s capacity to hit for extra bases and hence, quickly rack up runs.

The man entrusted with the pitching duties for the Blue Jays is none other than José Berríos. Berríos has built an admirable win-loss record of 5-4, demonstrating his ability to tip the scales in his team’s favor. His ERA of 3.86, while not among the league leaders, reflects a certain level of consistency in his performance. This consistency is further echoed by his WHIP of 1.26. Across his 11 starts, Berríos has emerged as a reliable figure on the mound, playing an essential role in Toronto’s current season performance.

In contrast, while not wielding the same level of offensive statistics as their adversaries, the New York Mets present a formidable challenge. Their team batting average sits at .244, which, although lower than the Blue Jays’, still showcases a reliable level of batting prowess. This reliability extends to their run tally, with a total of 253 runs signifying that they, too, can exploit scoring chances effectively. A count of 65 home runs, marginally surpassing their counterparts, underscores their ability to make a significant impact with a single stroke.

The Mets’ resilience at the plate is even more impressive, reflected by their .325 OBP. Their players exhibit patience and judgment in their plate appearances, taking walks when the pitches aren’t in their favor and securing crucial bases. Their .397 SLG, while not as high as the Blue Jays’, suggests that they’re more than capable of delivering high-impact hits when the situation demands.

Taking the mound for the Mets is Tylor Megill. His higher ERA of 4.67 and WHIP of 1.59, compared to Berríos, may cause concern. However, baseball, like life, is not always about the numbers. Despite the on-paper analysis, Megill has shown he can hold his own during his 11 starts this season. His performances have often kept the Mets in contention, ensuring their slightly lower statistical performance doesn’t translate to a lower place in the standings. Megill’s pitching and the Mets’ tenacious offense cement their position as a team that should not be underestimated.

Toronto Blue Jays vs. New York Mets Against the Spread

Both teams have seen the under-hit in their recent games, indicating a lower scoring trend. The under has hit in the Blue Jays’ last four games, against teams with winning records, and when Berríos starts against right-handed pitchers. The same holds for the Mets, with the under-hitting in their last four home games and during Megill’s Saturday starts or when the total is between 9.0 and 10.5.

Toronto Blue Jays vs. New York Mets Free Pick

Given the analysis above, a prediction for this game is to see the Blue Jays edge out the Mets in a low-scoring encounter. Here are my recommended picks:

Moneyline: Blue Jays -113

The Blue Jays at -113 is the choice. Their higher team statistics and the recent success in Berríos’ starts make them the more likely to emerge victorious.

Spread: Blue Jays +1.5 (-195)

The Blue Jays’ spread is a safe bet. Given the tight matchup and the Blue Jays’ recent success, it’s reasonable to expect they will keep it close, if not win outright.

Total: 9 under (-110)

The under 9 (-110) seems the way to go. The betting trends of both teams favor the under, which aligns well with the pitching form of both starters and recent performances.

Prediction: 3-4 Toronto Blue Jays win

This game is set to be a closely fought contest, providing the perfect opportunity for MLB betting splits enthusiasts to test their mettle. With both teams boasting potent offenses and equally competitive starting pitchers, this encounter between the Blue Jays and the Mets is a must-watch for any baseball analyst. Here’s to a Saturday afternoon filled with the best of Major League Baseball, and may your picks turn out prosperous.