UFC 292 Karine Silva vs. Maryna Moroz 8-19-23 Best Picks, Odds, and Prediction

Karine Silva vs. Maryna Moroz 8/19/23 – UFC 292 has brought great anticipation, and the much-anticipated Women’s Flyweight bout between Karine Silva and Maryna Moroz has taken center stage as today’s must-see MMA match-up. Set for August 19, 2023, this electrifying battle promises to entertain fight enthusiasts worldwide by offering an epic display of skill, strategy, and heart. As we approach Saturday’s match, let’s dive deeper into their statistical insights – so stay tuned for the latest MMA best pick today.

Karine Silva vs. Maryna Moroz

Date & Time: Saturday, August 19, 2023, at 6:30 PM ET 

Location: TD Garden, Boston, Massachusetts, USA


Karine Silva vs. Maryna Moroz 8/19/23 Betting Odds

Silva -160

Karine Silva Analysis

Karine “Killer” Silva enters the octagon boasting an outstanding record of 16-4-0. Her fighting style revolves around taking charge and capitalizing on opportunities, her average fight time being just 4:28. Silva stands 5′ 5″ with weight 125 and represents an agile yet powerful force within flyweight competition.

Silva’s offensive prowess is best described by her impressive strike rate of 2.39 strikes landed per minute. This statistic underscores her ability to strike effectively against her opponents continuously; in her most recent bout against Souza, she emerged victorious and displayed her ability to remain focused under pressure despite all odds against her. Her aggressive style fits her moniker as she looks for openings to strike and apply grappling techniques.

Silva’s defensive metrics reveal some areas for improvement. With a striking defense of 35% and takedown defense at 0%, respectively, she may be vulnerable against more skilled strikers who take hits accurately and skillfully. These numbers suggest that while she excels offensively, Silva may need to work on her defensive techniques, as some opponents possess proficient striking and takedown techniques.

Maryna Moroz Analysis

Maryna “Iron Lady” Moroz enters the octagon with an 11-4-0 record and an unparalleled fighting style characterized by strategy, endurance, and precise execution. One notable aspect is her average fight time of 13 minutes: an indication of her ability to pace herself effectively against fatigued opponents, thereby creating opportunities.

Moroz stands 5′ 7″, weighs 125 pounds, and holds an apparent physical advantage over her opponent, both in height and reach. Moroz’s tall stature gives her an edge during striking exchanges by helping her maintain distance and dictate the fight’s pace. Furthermore, her striking accuracy of 31% emphasizes her ability to land accurate strikes, which may play an integral part in Moroz’s strategy against Silva.

Moroz’s most recent loss against Maia raises questions about her vulnerability against certain styles and tactics, yet doesn’t diminish her technical abilities or remind her that no fighter is invincible. Her impressive striking and takedown defense statistics (53% and 47%) demonstrate a solid defense mechanism. Her capacity to avoid damage and mitigate takedown attempts further bolsters her standing as a well-rounded fighter.

Karine Silva vs. Maryna Moroz Stats

Average Fight Time4:2813:00
Height5′ 5″5′ 7″
Weight125 lbs.125 lbs.
Strikes Landed per Min.2.394.19
Striking Accuracy26%31%
Strikes Absorbed per Min.3.434.36
Takedowns Average/15 min.2.240.69
Takedown Accuracy50%22%
Takedown Defense0%47%
Submission Average/15 min.4.50.7

Karine Silva vs. Maryna Moroz Free Pick

Making predictions and picks for this riveting matchup was crucial for the experts. Based on the analysis, including Karine Silva’s aggressive style, grappling proficiency, and potential defense vulnerabilities, we believe she holds an edge; however, Maryna Moroz possesses technical skills, striking accuracy, and a strong defense that may expose his vulnerabilities and expose weakness in Silva’s game plan.

Free Pick: Karine Silva -160

As UFC 292 draws nearer, anticipation builds for Karine Silva and Maryna Moroz’s Women’s Flyweight division supremacy contest. Expect an explosive battle that showcases each fighter’s skills, strategies, and heart. Karine Silva brings aggressive grappling prowess, while Moroz offers technical precision and defensive prowess, setting up what promises to be an epic clash on August 19. MMA enthusiasts look forward to this fight, confident its result will leave an indelible mark in Canadian sports betting and MMA history.