UFC 292 Marlon Vera vs. Pedro Munhoz 8-19-23 Analysis, Tips, and Odds

Marlon Vera vs. Pedro Munhoz 8/19/23 – Marlon Vera and Pedro Munhoz will take to the mat on August 19, 2023, for what promises to be an electrifying battle at UFC 292. Fans are already anticipating this showdown; our focus here at Canadian free UFC Picks is providing insightful analysis and predictions that can assist with making informed wagers on this intense contest. We present a detailed breakdown of each fighter’s strengths, weaknesses, and recent performances to guide your betting decisions.

Marlon Vera vs. Pedro Munhoz

Date & Time: Saturday, August 19, 2023, at 10:00 PM ET 

Location: TD Garden, Boston, Massachusetts, USA


Marlon Vera vs. Pedro Munhoz 8/19/23 Betting Odds

Vera -175

Marlon Vera Analysis

As anticipation builds for UFC 292, all eyes turn towards Marlon “Chito” Vera, who has become synonymous with tenacity and skill inside the octagon. Boasting an impressive record of 20-8-1, Vera brings his wealth of experience into play – his average fight time being 12:48, which highlights his endurance. Standing at 5′ 8″, 135 lbs, Vera provides a physical presence that should not be underrated. At the same time, his reach of 70 inches could help dictate distance control as he dictates distance or pace throughout MMA encounters.

Vera’s switch stance adds an unpredictable element to his game and keeps opponents guessing. His striking statistics speak volumes; with 4.09 significant strikes per minute and an accuracy rate of 49%, he makes his presence known on his feet. Unfortunately, he also absorbs 5.02 strikes per minute, showing his willingness to engage even when faced with opposition; yet, his defense still boasts 51% effectiveness.

Marlon Vera‘s grappling game is intriguingly engaging. He averages 0.61 takedowns per 15 minutes with an accuracy rate of 40% and a defense percentage of 69% to takedown attempts off him, adding further depth and strategy into his strategy. Furthermore, Vera has an impressive submission average of one every fifteen minutes, which showcases his well-rounded skillset and comfort across various aspects of ground gameplay – especially after his recent defeat against Sandhagen, which serves as an opportunity for growth and renewal.

Pedro Munhoz Analysis

Pedro Munhoz embodies aggression and determination to dominate the competition with an impressive 20-7-0 (2 NC) record, his average fight time being 10:54, suggesting his proficiency at finishing fights efficiently. At 5′ 6″ and 135 pounds, Munhoz may seem small but packs plenty of punch when fighting from an orthodox stance focusing on fundamentals and precision execution.

Munhoz’s striking game is an impressive asset, landing an average of 5.30 significant strikes per minute and boasting an accuracy rate of 43% despite landing an estimated 5.90 significant strikes per minute during exchanges. His defensive prowess remains impressive, evidenced by an outstanding 57% striking defense rating proving his ability to evade opponents’ attacks effectively.

Munhoz’s grappling statistics demonstrate his adaptability. Averaging 0.51 takedowns per 15 minutes with an accuracy rate of 20%, Munhoz has the skills to take fights down when necessary. What sets him apart, though, is his takedown defense rate – 81%, to be precise – suggesting he is well prepared to defend off takedown attempts and keep fights within his preferred range. His submission average of 0.6 per 15 minutes gives another dimension to his fighting style, while his recent victory against Gutierrez proves his determination and readiness to face new challenges head-on.

Marlon Vera vs. Pedro Munhoz Stats

Vera Munhoz
Wins/Losses/Draws20-8-120-7-0 (2 NC)
Average Fight Time12:4810:54
Height5′ 8″5′ 6”
Weight135 lbs.135 lbs.
Strikes Landed per Min.4.095.30
Striking Accuracy49%43%
Strikes Absorbed per Min.5.025.90
Takedowns Average/15 min.0.610.51
Takedown Accuracy40%20%
Takedown Defense69%81%
Submission Average/15 min.1.00.6

Marlon Vera vs. Pedro Munhoz Free Pick

After carefully considering both fighters’ strengths and weaknesses and recent performances, our prediction leans heavily toward Marlon Vera for this bantamweight clash. His ability to control the pace by mixing striking with grappling might give him the edge he needs for victory. At the same time, Vera’s reach advantage could keep Munhoz at bay while minimizing exposure to his mighty strikes. While Munhoz may possess superior takedown defense, Vera is an adversary with a varied skill set, making him a formidable opponent.

Free Pick: Marlon Vera -175

With top Canadian betting sites, we’ve extensively researched Marlon Vera and Pedro Munhoz’s upcoming UFC 292 clash. Equipped with insights into each fighter’s strengths, weaknesses, recent performances, and focus-area analysis, you are better prepared to make informed betting decisions ahead of August 19, 2023, when these bantamweight combatants enter the octagon for battle – adding another layer of excitement with your bet. This event promises to be a thrilling spectacle!