UFC Fight Night 223 Chase Hooper vs. Nick Fiore 5-20-23 Prediction, Best Picks and Odds

Chase Hooper vs. Nick Fiore 5/20/23 – UFC Fight Night 223 promises an intense lightweight clash when Chase “The Dream” Hooper and Nick Fiore meet for an intense clash on Saturday. Both fighters aim to make an impression in the octagon. UFC betting odds are updated online, and you can place bets on your best fighter.

Chase Hooper vs. Nick Fiore

Date & Time: Saturday, May 20, 2023, at 4:00 PM ET

Location: UFC APEX, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


Chase Hooper vs. Nick Fiore 5/20/23 Betting Odds


Moneyline: -116


Moneyline: -1104

Chase Hooper vs. Nick Fiore Analysis

Chase “The Dream” Hooper, 23, enters this fight with an 11-3-1 career record. Hooper stands 6’1″, weighs 155 lbs, and boasts an arm span measuring 74″. He has demonstrated a diverse skill set on his feet and the ground.

Hooper strikes at an average rate of 4.04 significant strikes per minute with an accuracy rating of 48%. His defense allows him to absorb 3.72 significant strikes per minute while showing great reflexes by deflecting 34% of opponents’ strikes. Hooper boasts an adept grappling game and secures takedowns at a rate of 1.56 every three rounds, often successfully finishing 26% of his attempts. Additionally, he actively seeks submission opportunities and averages an impressive 2.3 submission attempts per 3 rounds.

Hooper’s previous fight against Steve Garcia ended abruptly due to a head punch from Garcia in the first round. Hooper struggled to find his rhythm throughout the match, connecting on only 10 of 32 total strikes he attempted. Garcia scored 31 of 46 total strikes and attained an outstanding 65% accuracy rate in striking accuracy. Hooper achieved 33% accuracy on significant strikes, connecting on 10 of 30 strikes aimed at his head.

Nick Fiore, a 25-year-old orthodox fighter with an impressive 6-1-0 record, enters the octagon as an opponent. Fiore stands 5’10”, weighs 155 lbs and has an approximate 72″ reach. This presents him with some difficulty when competing. Although he may lack experience, Fiore is determined to outshone Hooper.

Fiore’s striking statistics compare unfavorably with Hooper, with 2.27 significant strikes per minute and 36% accuracy. Defensewise, he allows opponents to land 5.93 significant strikes per minute but displays an impressive 47% evasion rate of their strikes, never finding their target. Fiore has excelled at grappling, completing takedowns on 33% of his attempts and successfully blocking 25% of opponents’ takedown attempts. He pursues fewer submission opportunities, with an average of only half-a-submission attempt per 3-round fight.

Fiore’s most recent bout was against Mateusz Rebecki, which ended in a unanimous decision loss after three rounds.  Fiore landed 34 of 93 significant strikes, giving him a 36% accuracy rate.  Rebecki, however, found success, with 70% of his significant strikes attempted from a distance.  Both fighters displayed significant striking skills, but Rebecki outperformed Fiore in total strikes, connecting on 130 of 228 attempts compared to Fiore’s 52 of 113.

The clash between Chase Hooper and Nick Fiore promises an intriguing fight. Hooper brings his well-rounded skill set, while Fiore looks to make an impression against all odds. This battle could come down to grappling prowess vs. striking accuracy, with this contest sure to deliver thrills for MMA fans watching these two rising stars step into the octagon on Saturday.

Chase Hooper vs. Nick Fiore Stats

Average Fight Time11:0115:00
Height6′ 1″5′ 10″
Weight155 lbs.155 lbs.
Strikes Landed per Min.4.042.27
Striking Accuracy48%36%
Strikes Absorbed per Min.3.725.93
Takedowns Average/15 min.1.561.00
Takedown Accuracy26%33%
Takedown Defense50%25%
Submission Average/15 min.2.30.0

Chase Hooper vs. Nick Fiore Stats Free Pick

According to the UFC betting tips, Chase Hooper appears to be the more proficient grappler. He regularly attempts takedowns, successfully completing them 26% of the time. Furthermore, Hooper displayed impressive takedown defense by stopping 50% of opponents’ attempts. Finally, his willingness to attempt submissions at an impressive rate of 2.3 attempts per three rounds exhibited his expertise in this aspect of combat sports. 

Free Pick: Chase Hooper -116