UFC Fight Night 224 Tom Aspinall vs. Marcin Tybura 7-22-23 Odds, Prediction, and Tips

UFC Fight Night 224: Tom Aspinall vs. Marcin Tybura 7/22/23 – Here’s an in-depth preview of UFC Fight Night 224: Tom Aspinall vs Marcin Tybura as we dive deeper into MMA betting in Canada. This highly anticipated event, taking place this Saturday afternoon, promises thrilling fights and exciting wagering opportunities – let’s examine critical aspects of the Tom Aspinall-Marcin Tybura matchup for potential betting picks for betting fans!

Tom Aspinall vs. Marcin Tybura

Date & Time: Saturday, July 22, 2023 at 3:00 PM ET

Location: 02 Arena, London, Greater London, England


UFC Fight Night 224: Tom Aspinall vs. Marcin Tybura 7/22/23 Betting Odds


Moneyline: -450


Moneyline: +350

Tom Aspinall vs. Marcin Tybura Analysis

Tom Aspinall comes into this bout with an impressive record of 12-3-0 and stands tall at 6′ 5″ with an approximate weight of 256 lbs. His offensive skills are evident with an average of 7.41 significant strikes landed per minute and striking accuracy of 65%; further, Aspinall uses his height and reach advantage to effectively utilize his striking arsenal allowing for distance control while landing powerful strikes on opponents. Aspinall’s striking defense skills are equally notable, evading 64% of strikes directed towards him while simultaneously showing excellent head movement and footwork from opponents.

Aspinall faced off against one of the top fighters in his division in Blaydes for his most recent fight and was put through his paces, although ultimately losing. Yet Aspinall showed remarkable resilience and toughness by withstanding an early onslaught from Blaydes while remaining resilient throughout – showing his determination, fighting spirit, and great promise for an epic comeback victory in an upcoming bout.

Marcin “Tybura” Tybura brings a 24-7-0 record to this heavyweight battle and boasts an outstanding experience of 249 lbs and 6′ 3″. With striking accuracy of 48%, he compensates with high strike-absorption rates averaging only 3.31 significant strikes absorbed per minute while maintaining his poise even under heavy fire. His durable resilience helps him remain composed even under intense firepower.

Tybura’s 55% striking defense rate speaks volumes of his skill at avoiding and mitigating damage. He employs a calculated approach, employing effective head movement and footwork techniques to evade strikes coming his way and protect himself. These defensive skills allow Tybura to withstand his opponents’ attacks while creating opportunities to counter with his strikes and stay calm under pressure situations. His experience in the octagon gives him an extra edge, allowing him to remain composed even during high-pressure encounters.

Tybura proved his ability to seize opportunities during his last fight with Ivanov. He employed his tactical approach by using well-timed strikes and effective grappling to secure victory. Tybura’s perseverance and ability to adapt quickly to his opponents’ strategies make him a formidable adversary for Aspinall.

Although each Aspinall and Tybura has developed distinctive styles and skill sets, both have demonstrated they are formidable heavyweight contenders in the division. Aspinall stands out with his offensive output and striking accuracy; Tybura can impose his tough defense and durability against opponents of all kinds. Their past fights illustrate their resilience as adaptable fighters – creating the potential for an epic contest between two accomplished warriors.

Tom Aspinall vs. Marcin Tybura Stats

Aspinall  Tybura
Average Fight Time2:3012:40
Height6′ 5″6′ 3″
Weight256 lbs.249 lbs.
Strikes Landed per Min.7.413.55
Striking Accuracy65%48%
Strikes Absorbed per Min.2.873.31
Takedowns Average/15 min.4.001.39
Takedown Accuracy100%33%
Takedown Defense100%79%
Submission Average/15 min.200.1

Tom Aspinall vs. Marcin Tybura Free Pick

Tom Aspinall stands out in our analysis as our pick for this bout. His comprehensive skill set, offensive output, and defensive capabilities give him an advantage against Marcin Tybura; Aspinall can maintain distance and land significant strikes while potentially using his grappling abilities to secure victory in this fight.

Aspinall will likely pose severe difficulties for Tybura due to his superior striking accuracy and defense, his grappling proficiency and his high takedown average if the fight goes to the floor. Tybura may benefit from the durability and defensive skills to weather Aspinall’s attacks; however, his lower offensive output and grappling stats make that task challenging against an English fighter like Aspinall.

Free Pick: Tom Aspinall -450

The upcoming clash between Tom Aspinall and Marcin Tybura at UFC Fight Night 224 presents an intriguing betting opportunity for MMA fans. Aspinall’s overall skill set, offensive output, and defensive capabilities give him the edge over Tybura. However, it is crucial to remember that MMA fights can be unpredictable, and any outcome is possible. Conduct thorough research, evaluate the odds, and exercise responsible betting practices when engaging in sports betting.