Volkan Oezdemir vs. Bogdan Guskov 9-2-23 Best Picks, Analysis, and Prediction

Volkan Oezdemir vs. Bogdan Guskov 9/2/23 – UFC Fight Night 226 promises to deliver an exciting spectacle as it unfolds at the esteemed Accor Arena on September 2, 2023. As one of its featured bouts, MMA picks indicate that Volkan “No Time” Oezdemir and Bogdan “Czarevitvh” Guskov’s Light Heavyweight Bout is sure to deliver an exhibition of exceptional skill, strategic insight, and unfaltering resolve – set against the picturesque setting of Accor Arena which serves as the perfect stage for their compelling encounter.

Volkan Oezdemir vs. Bogdan Guskov Game

Date & Time: Saturday, September 2, 2023 at 3:00 PM ET

Location: Accor Arena, Paris, Ile-de-France, France


Volkan Oezdemir vs. Bogdan Guskov Betting Odds

Oezdemir -180

Volkan Oezdemir Analysis

Volkan “NO TIME” Oezdemir emerges as a formidable presence within the MMA realm, possessing a commendable professional record of 18 victories, 7 losses, and no draws. Adept in navigating the dynamics of the octagon, Oezdemir’s contests average duration of approximately 10 minutes and 40 seconds, attesting to his adeptness at sustaining performance across various battle stages. Standing at a commanding 6′ 2″ and registering a weight of 205 lbs, Oezdemir commands the Light Heavyweight category.

Oezdemir’s striking acumen is underscored by an impressive accuracy of 47%, accompanied by an average of 4.53 significant strikes landed per minute. The proficiency in his striking arsenal is augmented by a resilient defense rate of 55%, emblematic of his capacity to avoid incoming attacks deftly. Transitioning to grappling, Oezdemir maintains a balanced approach, recording an average of 0.47 takedowns per 15 minutes. His takedown accuracy is 28%, while his takedown defense rate is 80%.

Bogdan Guskov Analysis

Bogdan “CZAREVITCH” Guskov enters the octagon with an admirable track record of 14 triumphs and 2 defeats, reflecting his promising trajectory within the MMA domain. Born on September 12, 1992, Guskov’s career journey positions him as an emerging talent within the sport. While his height and reach details remain undisclosed within the provided data, his weight of 205 lbs solidifies his classification within the Light Heavyweight division.

Guskov’s combat strategy exhibits distinct dimensions. His striking accuracy, emblematic of precise engagement, is documented at 0%, signifying an inclination toward tactical rather than voluminous striking. The 0 significant strikes landed per minute further underscores his meticulous approach to striking engagements. In the domain of grappling, Guskov has yet to secure a takedown, resulting in a recorded takedown accuracy and takedown defense rate of 0%.

Volkan Oezdemir vs. Bogdan Guskov Stats

Average Fight Time10:40
Height6′ 2″
Weight205 lbs.205 lbs.
Strikes Landed per Min.4.530.00
Striking Accuracy47%0%
Strikes Absorbed per Min.3.970.00
Takedowns Average/15 min.0.470.00
Takedown Accuracy28%0%
Takedown Defense80%0%
Submission Average/15 min.0.00.0

Volkan Oezdemir vs. Bogdan Guskov Free Pick

Upon careful evaluation of the available data, a resolute choice is the optimal pick for this impending duel. Volkan “NO TIME” Oezdemir emerges as the favored selection for this bout. The amalgamation of his versatile skill set, comprising impressive striking accuracy, notable significant strikes per minute, and a robust takedown defense, positions him as a preeminent contender. While Guskov’s emphasis on a strategic approach is apparent, Oezdemir’s multifaceted tactics confer him a strategic advantage.

Free Pick: Volkan Oezdemir -180

UFC Fight Night 226 is poised to etch its indelible mark within the annals of MMA, and the forthcoming showdown between Volkan “NO TIME” Oezdemir and Bogdan “CZAREVITCH” Guskov commands prominence within this grand narrative. Their distinct styles and diverse repertoires assure a captivating exhibition for aficionados and enthusiasts. As September 2 approaches, the excitement mounts, underscoring the significance of this confrontation within the realm of mixed martial arts.

Parallel to the spirited contention, the arena of wagering beckons enthusiasts seeking to heighten their engagement with the event. Canadian betting sites offer an avenue for those seeking to participate in the matchup dynamics. In comparison, the statistics render Oezdemir the favored choice; the inherent unpredictability of MMA warrants vigilance. As the fighters step onto the canvas on September 2, spectators worldwide anticipate a display of talent, strategic prowess, and tenacity, fostering an atmosphere of anticipation and admiration.