UFC FIGHT NIGHT 226: William Gomis vs. Yanis Ghemmouri 9/2/23 Odds, Bets, and Prediction

William Gomis vs. Yanis Ghemmouri 9/2/23 – The imminent arrival of UFC Fight Night 226 has ignited fervor within the MMA community, as it is set to unfold at the esteemed Accor Arena on September 2, 2023. Among the event’s anticipated showdowns, the collision between William “JAGUAR” Gomis and Yanis “THE DESERT WARRIOR” Ghemmouri stands as a testament to the sport’s prowess. This event promises a confluence of skill, strategy, and unwavering determination, captivating fight enthusiasts with its display of raw combat. UFC picks in Canada are updated for the bettors to place their bets.

William Gomis vs. Yanis Ghemmouri

Date & Time: Saturday, September 2, 2023 at 3:00 PM ET

Location: Accor Arena, Paris, Ile-de-France, France


William Gomis vs. Yanis Ghemmouri 9/2/23 Betting Odds

Oezdemir TBD

William Gomis Analysis

William “Jaguar” Gomis, a combatant of noteworthy stature, brings a record of 12 victories and 2 defeats to the octagon. His fighting acumen is honed through a height of 6 feet, while his weight registers at 145 lbs, making him a significant presence within the featherweight category. Employing a southpaw stance, Gomis adeptly maneuvers his striking arsenal to engage opponents.

A meticulous analysis of Gomis’ career statistics comprehensively explains his fighting style. Notably, his striking game entails an average of 1.97 significant strikes landed per minute, alluding to his ability to maintain strategic striking engagements. His striking accuracy stands at 39%, and his striking defense rate is an impressive 81%, highlighting his adeptness at evading incoming blows. Transitioning to grappling, Gomis exhibits proficiency with an average of 1.50 takedowns landed per 15 minutes, underlined by a 60% takedown accuracy and an imposing takedown defense of 71%.

In his most recent bout, Gomis faced adversity with a loss to an opponent, and this experience has likely contributed to his evolution as a fighter as he seeks to reclaim victory in his forthcoming encounter.

Yanis Ghemmouri Analysis

Yanis “The Desert Warrior” Ghemmouri steps into the octagon with a laudable record of 12 wins and 1 loss, signifying his burgeoning prominence within the MMA arena. While specific details, such as his height and reach, remain undisclosed, his weight of 135 lbs positions him within the bantamweight division. An orthodox stance complements Ghemmouri’s fighting disposition.

Examining Ghemmouri’s career statistics unveils his strategic approach to combat. A unique feature lies in his striking statistics, with an average of 0.00 significant strikes landed per minute. This statistic suggests a calculated striking strategy where precision surpasses volume. His striking accuracy and defense are recorded at 0%, emphasizing his meticulous and measured engagement. In the realm of grappling, Ghemmouri records an average of 0.00 takedowns landed per 15 minutes, accompanied by a 0% takedown accuracy and defense rate.

William Gomis vs. Yanis Ghemmouri Stats

Gomis Ghemmouri
Average Fight Time
Height6′ 0″
Weight145 lbs.135 lbs.
Strikes Landed per Min.1.970.0
Striking Accuracy39%0%
Strikes Absorbed per Min.1.170.0
Takedowns Average/15 min.1.500.0
Takedown Accuracy60%0%
Takedown Defense71%0%
Submission Average/15 min.0.00.0

William Gomis vs. Yanis Ghemmouri Free Pick

A discerning analysis of the available data indicates a clear favorite in this impending bout. William “JAGUAR” Gomis emerges as the favored pick for this confrontation. His versatile skill set, highlighted by his strategic striking accuracy, commendable takedown efficiency, and staunch takedown defense, positions him as a contender of significant prowess. Ghemmouri’s strategic approach warrants consideration; however, the comprehensive skill set of Gomis is likely to tip the scales in his favor.

Free Pick: William Gomis ML

UFC Fight Night 226 is poised to deliver an evening of electrifying MMA action, with the clash between William “JAGUAR” Gomis and Yanis “THE DESERT WARRIOR” Ghemmouri standing as an emphatic highlight. Their respective fighting styles, underscored by unwavering determination, promise an engaging spectacle for fans and aficionados alike. The anticipation mounts as the event’s date draws near, encapsulating the essence of mixed martial arts’ allure.

Within this captivating narrative, live betting beckons, allowing enthusiasts to interact with the event’s dynamics in real-time. Betting sites offer an opportunity for engagement with the unfolding spectacle. While Gomis stands as the favored choice, the intrinsic unpredictability of MMA necessitates a measured approach. As September 2 approaches, global spectators eagerly await a display of skill, strategy, and fortitude, underscoring the ever-thrilling nature of this sport’s theatricality.