Marina Rodriguez vs. Michelle Waterson-Gomez 9-23-23 Tips, Analysis, and Prediction

Marina Rodriguez vs. Michelle Waterson-Gomez 9/23/23 – Marina Rodriguez will meet Michelle Waterson-Gomez at UFC Fight Night 228 for an epic Women’s Strawweight battle on September 23, 2023. Already, fight enthusiasts and bettors are making predictions and crunching numbers to predict this matchup between two experienced fighters with impressive resumes like Rodriguez and Waterson-Gomez – make no mistake – one you won’t want to miss – buckle up – because this one won’t last. Furthermore, those interested in MMA daily picks might take note as this bout could provide the ideal chance to assess two veteran fighters’ striking and grappling abilities.

Marina Rodriguez vs. Michelle Waterson-Gomez

Date & Time: Saturday, September 23, 2023 at 7:00 PM ET 

Location: UFC Apex, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States


Marina Rodriguez vs. Michelle Waterson-Gomez 9/23/23 Betting Odds


Marina Rodriguez Analysis

Marina Rodriguez enters the Octagon with an impressive 16-3-2 record and an SLpM rate of 4.58, showing off her ability to land significant strikes when they count most. At 5’6″, with a 65″ reach, Rodriguez uses her physical advantage effectively to dominate the striking game. Her striking accuracy is at an impressive 47%, demonstrating she can land significant strikes when needed. Rodriguez absorbs only 2.94 strikes per minute on defense and boasts a 56% defense rate, showing her striking abilities and the ability to protect herself effectively in the Octagon.

Rodriguez averages only 0.17 takedowns every 15 minutes with an accuracy rate of 33% – suggesting her primary strategy lies in staying on her feet where she excels – her takedown defense of 64% further bolsters this stand-up strategy by keeping opponents from pulling her into a ground fight. Although her most recent loss against Jandiroba may be disappointing, it should not overshadow her impressive performances from prior fights.

Michelle Waterson-Gomez Analysis

Michelle Waterson-Gomez enters this bout with an 18-11-0 record and stands 5’3″. With her shorter stature and 62″ reach, Waterson-Gomez finds herself at an advantage physically when compared to Rodriguez; however, Waterson-Gomez compensates with an all-round skill set; landing 3.63 significant strikes per minute which is commendable, yet slightly lower than Rodriguez. Her striking accuracy was nearly on par with Rodriguez at 46%, whereas Waterson-Gomez experienced difficulty with defense; taking 4.01 strikes per minute for a 51% defense rate and showing potential vulnerabilities regarding dodging or blocking. Waterson-Gomez excels in the ground game, an area in which Rodriguez struggles. She averages 1.4 takedowns per 15 minutes with 33% takedown accuracy – much like Rodriguez – while boasting 72% defense and an impressive submission game, which averages 0.7 attempts every 15 minutes. These stats reveal an adaptable fighter who can switch gears seamlessly, from striking to grappling and submission attempts.

Waterson-Gomez’s recent loss against Pinheiro may be unfortunate, but that shouldn’t detract from her impressive MMA career. She has taken on top-level competition and significantly used her versatile skill set, making this match-up compelling. If she can force Rodriguez into areas where she excels – especially the ground – this could prove challenging for Rodriguez as well.

Marina Rodriguez vs. Michelle Waterson-Gomez Stats

Average Fight Time14:3414:18
Height5′ 6″5′ 3″
Weight115 lbs.115 lbs.
Strikes Landed per Min.4.583.63
Striking Accuracy47%46%
Strikes Absorbed per Min.2.944.01
Takedowns Average/15 min.0.171.40
Takedown Accuracy33%33%
Takedown Defense64%72%
Submission Average/15 min.0.20.7

Marina Rodriguez vs. Michelle Waterson-Gomez Free Pick

Choosing between competitors with such distinct styles and skill sets comes down to details in a fight between them. Rodriguez excels in striking, both offensively and defensively. On the other hand, Waterson-Gomez may possess a more extensive ground game that may prove decisive if she manages to take it down to the mat; however, Rodriguez is more likely to maintain control of this bout with superior striking skills and defensive capabilities.

At first glance, Moneyline odds of +250 for Waterson-Gomez and -357 for Rodriguez suggest that Marina Rodriguez is likely the one who will come out victorious. Following an exhaustive analysis, we predict that Marina Rodriguez will succeed in this matchup.

Free Pick: Marina Rodriguez -357

UFC Fight Night 228 promises to deliver an electrifying contest, and fans already anticipate its arrival. Both fighters bring unique skills into this matchup that promise not to be one-sided. Canadian sports betting platforms have odds available and make this an appealing pick for bettors in Canada. Michelle Waterson-Gomez may pose an imposing opponent, yet statistics and stylistic edges point towards Marina Rodriguez as the more likely winner – it promises to be an electrifying moment in Women’s Strawweight Division history, so don’t miss it out – don’t miss it out!