Ricardo Ramos vs. Charles Jourdain 9-23-23 Best Picks, Tips, and Prediction

Ricardo Ramos vs. Charles Jourdain 9/23/23 – MMA fans and bettors have marked their calendars for UFC Fight Night 228, set for September 23, 2023. Ricardo Ramos and Charles Jourdain’s much-anticipated featherweight fight promises to be an exhilarating bout, filled with strategic gameplay and magnificent athleticism. This matchup has made waves among MMA enthusiasts and provides an ideal opportunity for anyone interested in free MMA picks. No matter your experience or knowledge of mixed martial arts, this fight promises an explosive mix of striking, grappling, and raw power that will leave spectators breathless as fight night approaches. With high stakes on offer for this bout, anticipation cannot build any higher, and excitement is palpable as time ticks down until fight night.

Ricardo Ramos vs. Charles Jourdain 

Date & Time: Saturday, September 23, 2023 at 7:00 PM ET 

Location: UFC Apex, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States


Ricardo Ramos vs. Charles Jourdain 9/23/23 Betting Odds


Ricardo Ramos Analysis

Ricardo Ramos‘s striking isn’t his strong suit, yet one must start from there when dissecting his game. Ramos averages 3.32 significant strikes per minute with an accurate rate of 38%; these numbers are decent but not exceptional; his striking may not be flashy or powerful but it helps set up his more dominant skill set: grappling. Additionally, Ramos uses his orthodox stance to maintain a stable foundation which aids both his striking and takedown attempts.

Ramos excels at grappling, with an average of 2.58 takedowns every 15 minutes at 58% accuracy – far surpassing Jourdain. Not only is he adept at taking down opponents quickly and keeping them down efficiently – his defense rate for takedowns stands at an impressive 72%. Ramos seldom finds himself vulnerable on his back where other fighters may find themselves vulnerable.

Ramos’ most recent victory against Chavez was particularly indicative of his abilities as a well-rounded fighter, highlighting both his striking and takedown attempts, showing strategic thinking and adaptability in equal measure. Ramos recognized Chavez’s weaknesses quickly and adjusted his tactics accordingly – an invaluable skill he will use against Jourdain next.

Charles Jourdain Analysis

Charles Jourdain‘s game revolves around striking, and rightly so. Boasting an impressive record of 14-6-1 and striking stats like landing an average of 5.78 significant strikes per minute at 49% accuracy rate is incredible considering his switch stance allows him to attack from various angles making it more difficult for opponents to anticipate his moves.

However, Jourdain’s grappling game is much weaker compared to those of his competitors, leaving an opening for skilled opponents to exploit his defense of takedown attempts and takedown defense attempts at 48%. Due to this lack of proficiency with grappling tactics he must work extra hard at keeping fights standing so as to maximize his striking skills and make full use of them.

His recent victory against Gracie illustrated exactly this tendency; Jourdain demonstrated his stand-up game dominance by landing strikes effectively while avoiding takedowns, providing an example of what Jourdain needs to do to win fights: keep it on his feet. Jourdain showed off his striking acumen by keeping the fight within his territory despite attempts by Gracie to change the narrative.

Ricardo Ramos vs. Charles Jourdain Stats

Average Fight Time9:5313:08
Height5′ 9″5′ 9″
Weight145 lbs.145 lbs.
Strikes Landed per Min.3.325.78
Striking Accuracy38%49%
Strikes Absorbed per Min.3.824.30
Takedowns Average/15 min.2.580.10
Takedown Accuracy58%16%
Takedown Defense72%48%
Submission Average/15 min.0.60.4

Ricardo Ramos vs. Charles Jourdain Free Pick

Given the fighters’ respective strengths and weaknesses, this bout presents a classic striker vs. grappler scenario. Ramos will most likely aim to take the fight to the ground, leveraging his superior grappling skills. On the other hand, Jourdain will try to keep the bout standing where he can use his striking skills to great effect. Considering the stats and recent performances, our pick for this bout is Ricardo Ramos. His well-rounded skill set and superior ground game should give him the tools he needs to control the bout, especially when you consider the Moneyline odds of +170, which offer significant value.

Free Pick: Ricardo Ramos +170

UFC Fight Night 228 is set to deliver a riveting contest that offers something for every fan of mixed martial arts. If you are interested in online betting in Canada or anywhere else, this fight serves as an ideal occasion to engage in the action. Ricardo Ramos appears to be the value pick for this bout, which promises to keep viewers riveted regardless of the outcome. Whether you’re watching purely for the love of the sport or you’re looking to make a well-informed bet, this bout is sure to provide top-tier entertainment. Remember to gamble responsibly and enjoy the action-packed night ahead.