UFC FIGHT NIGHT 232 Brendan Allen vs. Paul Craig 11-18-23 Odds, Tips, and Prediction

UFC FIGHT NIGHT 232: Brendan Allen vs. Paul Craig 11/18/23 – UFC APEX in Las Vegas will host an eagerly awaited Middleweight fight scheduled for November 18th 2023, pitting Brendan Allen aka “ALL IN” against Paul Craig aka “BEARJEW.” Both fighters come equipped with impressive records, unique fighting techniques, and a fierce desire to achieve victory; making this battle an intriguing spectacle that demands everyone’s attention worldwide. This analysis will meticulously cover every relevant detail about both combatants to assist informed decision making when using our latest UFC free picks today.

Brendan Allen vs. Paul Craig

Date & Time: Saturday, November 18, 2023 at 5:00 PM ET 

Location: UFC APEX, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States


UFC FIGHT NIGHT 232: Brendan Allen vs. Paul Craig 11/18/23 Betting Odds


Brendan Allen Analysis

Brendan “All In” Allen enters UFC Fight Night 232 boasting an enviable record of 22 wins, 5 losses and no draws – an enviable display of consistency and resilience in middleweight division. His striking game stands out, boasting an outstanding strike landed per minute rate of 3.96 with an accuracy rate of 53% that speaks volumes about his stand-up combat abilities based on an orthodox stance and 75″ reach that allow effective engagement against adversaries.

Brendan Allen is not limited to striking; his grappling abilities are equally impressive. Averaging 1.22 takedowns every 15 minutes at an accuracy rate of 42%, Brendan Allen displays outstanding takedown skills. Submitting every 15 minutes, his submission average is further evidence of his versatility and threat on the ground; most recently his victory against Silva illustrated this ability perfectly.

Paul Craig Analysis

Paul Craig (commonly referred to by his nickname of “Bearjew”) boasts a distinguished record with 17 wins, 6 losses and one draw in 20 combat bouts. Although less prolific in terms of striking output (SLpM of 2.57), his approach combines strategy with methodical precision. Paul Craig has an advantage in maintaining distance and striking accurately in a sport where reach can make all the difference, however his true expertise lies in grappling. At an average of 1.91 takedowns per 15 minutes, Allen showcased his proficiency in ground combat. 

Although his takedown accuracy fell slightly to 23%, his submission average of 1.7 was marginally higher than Allen’s and demonstrated his ground combat skill set. Paul Craig displayed impressive ground skills against Muniz in their most recent fight, taking advantage of opportunities on the ground and exploiting opponent weaknesses for victory. With this blend of strategic striking and superior grappling abilities he stands as a formidable middleweight opponent.

Brendan Allen vs. Paul Craig Stats

Average Fight Time8:317:50
Height6′ 2″6′ 3″
Weight185 lbs.185 lbs.
Strikes Landed per Min.3.962.57
Striking Accuracy53%46%
Strikes Absorbed per Min.3.892.85
Takedowns Average/15 min.1.221.91
Takedown Accuracy42%23%
Takedown Defense55%42%
Submission Average/15 min.1.61.7

Brendan Allen vs. Paul Betting Pick

As UFC Fight Night 232 draws closer, anticipation has reached fever pitch. After carefully considering both fighters, Brendan Allen appears more likely to emerge victorious given his superior striking accuracy and defensive skills in stand-up exchanges; additionally his grappling abilities allow him to hold off Craig’s ground game. Brendan Allen has impressed recently, displaying both tactical intelligence and physical prowess. Because of this, we choose him for this middleweight contest at odds of -450; bettors and UFC enthusiasts should feel confident in his chances.

Free Pick: Brendan Allen -450

Paul Craig is an excellent opponent, boasting a diverse skill set that could prove challenging in this matchup against Brendan Allen’s striking accuracy and takedown defense being key factors in this bout. However, in MMA surprises are ever present and anything could happen inside the cage! Tune in on November 18th 2023 as the UFC APEX takes place in Las Vegas to witness this epic showdown and find out who comes out victorious! Keep updated with odds updates to maximize thrill of MMA action at live betting Canada!