UFC ON ESPN 50 Diego Lopes vs. Gavin Tucker 8-5-23 Odds, Prediction, and Tips

Diego Lopes vs. Gavin Tucker 8/5/23 – Here’s the thrilling world of UFC betting forums as we gear up for Diego Lopes and Gavin Tucker’s long-awaited featherweight clash at UFC on ESPN 50 on August 5, 2023, at Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, Tennessee, USA. This thrilling event has passionate mixed martial arts fans and experienced sports bettors buzzing excitedly.

Diego Lopes vs. Gavin Tucker

Date & Time: Saturday, August 5, 2023, at 9:00 PM ET

Location: Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, Tennessee, USA


Diego Lopes vs. Gavin Tucker 8/5/23 Betting Odds


Moneyline: -130


Moneyline: +110

Diego Lopes vs. Gavin Tucker Analysis

Diego Lopes is an accomplished featherweight competitor with a record of 21-6-0. Standing 5 feet 11 inches and weighing 145 lbs, Lopes offers physical advantages with his 72-inch reach, which allows him to keep opponents at bay and effectively set up his striking game. Lopes has made his presence felt throughout his career with an offensive arsenal, landing an average of 2.26 significant strikes per minute with an impressive accuracy rate of 52%. This indicates his striking proficiency, capitalizing on opponents’ openings when given opportunities. Unfortunately, his defensive statistics expose some weaknesses; his exceptional defense rate of 34% shows he absorbs an alarming number of significant strikes and could provide Gavin Tucker with an opening.

In his most recent bout, Lopes faced a tough challenge against Evloev, resulting in a loss. Such an outcome could psychologically impact the fighter heading into his upcoming matchup with Tucker. Nevertheless, seasoned fighters like Lopes often use such setbacks as motivation to come back stronger and showcase their true potential.

On the other side of the octagon, Gavin “Guv’nor” Tucker presents a formidable challenge for Diego Lopes. With a record of 13-2-0, Tucker has proved himself to be a skillful and well-rounded fighter. Standing at 5 feet 6 inches and weighing 145 lbs, Tucker might have a slight height disadvantage against Lopes, but he more than compensates for it with his proficiency in various aspects of the sport. Tucker’s reach of 66 inches may pose some challenges in reaching Lopes from a distance. Still, his striking accuracy of 45% and an impressive 4.39 significant strikes landed per minute demonstrate his ability to close the distance effectively and land impactful strikes.

Tucker’s defensive skills are also a significant asset, boasting a striking defense rate of 57%. This suggests he’s adept at evading his opponents’ strikes and minimizing damage during exchanges. In his most recent fight, Tucker experienced a setback against Ige, which might have served as a learning experience and motivated him to refine his game further. As a skilled southpaw fighter, Tucker’s unorthodox stance could confuse Lopes, who may not be as accustomed to facing left-handed opponents.

Diego Lopes vs. Gavin Tucker Stats

Average Fight Time12:3611:44
Height5′ 11″5′ 6″
Weight145 lbs.145 lbs.
Strikes Landed per Min.2.264.39
Striking Accuracy52%45%
Strikes Absorbed per Min.5.244.28
Takedowns Average/15 min.0.002.98
Takedown Accuracy0%42%
Takedown Defense36%53%
Submission Average/15 min.4.21.5

Diego Lopes vs. Gavin Tucker Free Pick

After carefully considering the fighters’ strengths and past performances, Gavin Tucker is our pick for this featherweight clash. While Diego Lopes has shown prowess in certain aspects of the game, Tucker’s well-rounded skill set and impressive striking and defensive abilities give him the edge in this matchup. Additionally, Tucker’s grappling expertise, with a takedown average of 2.98 per 15 minutes, could pose a significant challenge for Lopes, who has struggled in the takedown defense department.

Free Pick: Gavin Tucker +110

As the excitement builds up for this thrilling featherweight showdown between Diego Lopes and Gavin Tucker, Canadian sports betting enthusiasts keep a close eye on the odds and predictions. While Lopes is a skilled fighter, Tucker’s balanced approach to the game and past fight experiences make him the favored choice for victory in this matchup. It’s bound to be an electrifying night for UFC fans, and sports bettors will eagerly await the outcome of this much-anticipated battle in the featherweight division.