England vs. Colombia 8-12-23 Women's FIFA World Cup Tips, Analysis, and Odds-

England vs. Colombia 8/12/23 – As the FIFA Women’s World Cup quarterfinals get underway, football enthusiasts and bettors anticipate an electrifying encounter between England Women and Colombia Women at Stadium Australia on August 12th, 2023, eagerly looking for the best free picks in soccer. In this riveting contest, attention will focus not only on team strategies and strengths but also on key players – particularly goaltenders – who form the final line of defense. This match promises a fantastic display of skill, passion, and high-stakes competition.

England vs. Colombia

Date & Time: Saturday, August 12, 2023, at 6:30 AM ET

Location: Stadium Australia


England vs. Colombia 8/12/23 Betting Odds

England-197-1 (-147)4 under (-106)
Colombia+637+1 (+114)4 over (-116)

England Analysis

The reigning European champions, England, have enjoyed an outstanding and unbeaten campaign so far in this tournament. Their journey has been marked by hard work and determination – evidenced by their recent penalty shootout victory over Nigeria in round 16. England Women have shown extraordinary character under pressure, breaking through Nigerian defense to reach this competition stage.

Due to suspension, lacking their top scorer, Lauren James can present challenges and opportunities for emerging talents to shine on this grand stage. Rachel Daly, Lauren Hemp, and Chloe Kelly have shown glimpses of their ability in recent games by contributing crucial goals towards the team’s campaign. Although James’ absence leaves a gap in goals scored for this team campaign, it allows others to step into his shoes and demonstrate their capabilities.

English Lionesses stand out with their experience and tactical acumen. After reaching the quarterfinals on numerous occasions in past tournaments, England has gained an invaluable understanding of what lies ahead in later rounds. Their resilience under pressure and ability to adapt their play in various situations have been hallmarks of their journey. However, James may no longer provide clinical finishing ability. They remain critical assets.

Colombia Analysis

Colombia is making history by reaching the quarterfinals for the first time in their Women’s World Cup history. Their journey has been marked by solid defending and swift counterattacks, which have caught opponents by surprise; evidenced in impressive victories against heavyweights Germany and South Korea, where Colombia showed their ability to disrupt the established order.

Colombia stands out from England with its strong defensive base and ability to launch timely counterattacks, creating an altogether unique playstyle. Their strength lies in their ability to soak up pressure before springing forward quickly to exploit any moments of weakness from their opponents; Linda Caicedo and Catalina Usme have become critical attacking threats who use flanks as platforms against fullbacks charging forward against them.

Colombia may appear like underdogs against England, but their performance against Jamaica in the round of 16 showed their ability to hold off opponents and secure victories against tough opposition. They accurately portray their unyielding spirit and ability to defy the odds; it remains to be seen if their defensive solidity and counterattacking prowess will stand up against an experienced English side.

England vs. Colombia Against the Spread

England has won eight out of their last ten matches across various competitions, while Colombia has shown consistency by only suffering one loss in their previous seven completed games. Both sides have shown they can score goals while maintaining defensive stability, making this quarterfinal an exciting prospect for football enthusiasts and bettors.

England vs. Colombia Free Pick

Considering the teams’ recent performances and their respective strengths, it’s predicted that England Women will edge out Colombia Women in a closely contested match. Here are our recommended picks for this matchup:

Moneyline: England -197

England’s superior form, unbeaten streak, and more significant experience give them the edge over Colombia. They are well-equipped to handle Colombia’s defensive strategy and capitalize on scoring opportunities.

Spread: England -1 (-147)

With England’s defensive solidity and Colombia’s style of play that relies on counterattacks, England has a strong chance of winning by more than one goal.

Total: 4 under (-106)

Both teams have displayed solid defensive performances, suggesting the match might be a tightly contested affair with fewer goals.

Prediction: 1-2 England win

England vs Colombia’s quarterfinal clash in the FIFA Women’s World Cup promises to be a captivating showdown between two skilled teams and their adept goaltenders. As the action unfolds at Stadium Australia, bettors, and football enthusiasts are poised for an exhilarating match that could swing in either direction. With the betting trends and teams’ performances as our guide, England Women’s experience, and form make them the favored side. As you place your bets on a Canadian sportsbook or elsewhere, remember the dynamics of this high-stakes encounter that will undoubtedly be etched in Women’s World Cup history.