Getafe vs. Alaves 8-28-23 La Liga Soccer Odds, Analysis, and Picks

Getafe vs. Alaves 8/28/23 – As La Liga betting picks look ahead, all eyes are on August 28th’s clash between Getafe and Alaves at Coliseum Alfonso Perez. As excitement builds for this high-stakes match-up, the key to its outcome is David Soria for Getafe and Antonio Sivera for Alaves, who will play critical roles as goalkeepers. Stay tuned for more upcoming matches up.

Getafe vs. Alaves 

Date & Time: Monday, August 28, 2023 at 1:30 PM ET

Location: Coliseum Alfonso Perez


Getafe vs. Alaves 8/28/23 Betting Odds

Getafe+124-0.25 (-117)1.75 over (-106)+194
Alaves+302+0.25 (-103)1.75 under (-114)

Getafe Analysis

Getafe’s journey in the current season presents an intriguing balance between their defensive foundation and their aspirations on the offensive front. With their current record standing at 0 wins, 1 draw, and 1 loss, Getafe finds themselves at a pivotal juncture early in the campaign. As they prepare to face Alaves, their performances paint a picture of promise and challenges.

The hallmark of Getafe’s approach lies in their defensive resolve. Conceding only 3 goals thus far, their goals-against-per-90-minutes rate of 1.50 signifies a backline that has the potential to stand firm against adversaries. While their expected goals against metric stand at 2.9, indicating room for improvement, their ability to secure 1 clean sheet underlines their defensive acumen. A clean sheet percentage of 50.0% reflects their capacity to keep opponents at bay occasionally. David Soria, a seasoned goalkeeper whose career record spans victories, draws, and losses, is at the core of this defensive strategy. With a save percentage of 72.9 and 71 career shutouts, Soria embodies Getafe’s determination to repel opposition attacks. His performance in the current season, reflected in a goals-allowed-per-90-minutes rate of 1.07, demonstrates his pivotal role in maintaining Getafe’s defensive solidity.

Alaves Analysis

In the context of Alaves’ recent endeavors, the team presents a profile of resilience underscored by ongoing offensive challenges. The season’s early stages have provided them with valuable insights as they venture into the clash against Getafe with a record of 0 wins and 1 loss.

The strength of Alaves’ approach is evident in their defensive setup. Conceding only 1 goal so far, their goals-against-per-90-minutes rate of 1.00 underscores a defense that remains resolute in the face of opposition pressure. This defensive determination was evident in their most recent fixture. However, the challenge for Alaves lies in their offensive output, as they are yet to register a goal in the campaign. Their expected goals for the season stand at a modest 0.3, indicating the need for offensive solutions. Antonio Sivera, a goalkeeper with a track record of wins, draws, and losses, anchors their defensive efforts. A save percentage of 72.1 and a tally of 20 career shutouts epitomize Sivera’s commitment to fortifying Alaves’ defensive line. His performance in the current season, reflected in a goals-allowed-per-90-minutes rate of 0.93, showcases his role as a barrier to opposition goals.

Getafe vs. Alaves Against the Spread

Getafe has recently displayed an inconsistent streak of four wins and one loss over their last five matches and has held steady against the spread with an even 1-1 record against it in that span. Alaves has posted similar trends over their past five games, both results-wise and against the spread, providing bettors with valuable insights to consider when making decisions.

Getafe vs. Alaves Free Pick

Considering the in-depth analysis of both teams’ performances and the dynamics of the match, our prediction aligns with a closely contested affair. The emphasis on defensive strategies suggests a low-scoring encounter. Here are recommended picks: 

Moneyline: Getafe +124

Given Getafe’s defensive prowess and the enticing odds of +124, they emerge as a compelling choice in the moneyline category.

Spread: Getafe -0.25 (-117)

With odds of -117 for the spread, Getafe’s potential to cover the spread aligns with their robust defensive capabilities.

Total: 1.75 under (-114)

Considering the teams’ defensive orientation and the limited offensive output, a calculated wager on the total staying under 1.75 goals appears strategic.

Draw: Given the teams’ tendencies, a draw scenario seems unlikely in this encounter.

Prediction: 0-1 Getafe win

As we near the Getafe vs Alaves clash in La Liga, betting enthusiasts anticipate an intense tactical showdown. Getafe’s defensive foundation, contrasted against Alaves’ resilience, promises an entertaining contest on August 28, 2023; Canadian live betting platforms should come alive with excitement to offer soccer enthusiasts an opportunity to follow every minute of action live and make wagers. Match outcomes will depend upon defensive prowess, goalkeeping heroics and the unpredictable nature of football itself; all are surefire indicators of a beautiful match outcome