UFC 292 Zhang Weili vs. Amanda Lemos 8-19-23 Odds, Picks, and Analysis

Zhang Weili vs. Amanda Lemos 8/19/23 – MMA provides thrilling anticipation and excitement, and UFC 292 promises no exception. Set to take place this Saturday. This titanic clash brings together Zhang Weili and Amanda Lemos in a prelim bout that promises an epic encounter. As fans prepare to see it and search for MMA picks today, fans focus on this women’s strawweight contest and its associated intrigue; let’s analyze each competitor in greater depth regarding strengths, past performances, and plans.

Zhang Weili vs. Amanda Lemos

Date & Time: Saturday, August 19, 2023, at 10:00 PM ET 

Location: TD Garden, Boston, Massachusetts, USA


Zhang Weili vs. Amanda Lemos 8/19/23 Betting Odds


Zhang Weili Analysis

Zhang “Magnum” Weili currently reigns supreme as women’s strawweight champion with a record of 23-3-0. Her path has been marked with dedication and skill. Zhang Weili’s aggressive yet technical fighting style makes her an intimidating presence inside the Octagon. Zhang Weili’s statistics illustrate her dynamic approach to combat; with an average fight time of 11:02, she has shown her ability to navigate all fight phases efficiently. Zhang’s striking prowess can be witnessed through her strikes-land-per-minute rate of 5.79, demonstrating her active engagement during stand-up exchanges – yet what truly showcases her power is her 47% striking accuracy rate which underscores her powerful impactful ability.

Zhang Weili shows her strategic awareness through her striking defense. With an effective defense rate of 53%, she dodges incoming strikes and minimizes damage. Furthermore, her strikes-absorbed-per-minute rate of 4.06 highlights her defensive acumen while maintaining composure even in heated battle conditions – critical to winning championship titles. Zhang’s ability to combine calculated offense and mindful defensive play has ensured her victory, and her championship reign continues today.

Zhang Weili’s victory against Esparza is a testament to her skills and unyielding dedication to upholding her championship status – qualities that make her an indisputable force inside the Octagon.

Amanda Lemos Analysis

Amanda “The Lioness” Lemos brings an impressive 13-2-1 record and unique skillset to UFC 292. With an average fight time of 7 minutes and 25 seconds, Amanda has demonstrated her ability to seize opportunities and potentially end fights earlier than others in her division.

Lemos’ striking prowess can be measured through her 4.51 per-minute striking-landed-per-minute rate; this indicates her ability to maintain consistent striking volume within the cage. Furthermore, Lemos exhibited 57% striking accuracy, which demonstrated consistent strike landing accuracy, while defensively, she kept a 50% striking defense rate to absorb any incoming strikes.

Lemos’ takedown ability in grappling exchanges is evidenced by her average of 1.12 takedowns every 15 minutes and impressive 55% takedown accuracy rate, showing she excels at taking opponents down and controlling the fight on the ground. Furthermore, Lemos boasts an 81% takedown defense rating which attests to her ability to resist takedown attempts while maintaining desired fighting positions.

Lemos’ recent victory against Rodriguez proves her growing abilities and adaptability within an ever-evolving sport. Her feat shows her ability to analyze opponents and craft strategies that result in successful bouts. This victory marks an essential step on Lemos’ journey.

Zhang Weili vs. Amanda Lemos Stats

Average Fight Time11:027:25
Height5′ 4″5′ 4″
Weight115 lbs.115 lbs.
Strikes Landed per Min.5.794.51
Striking Accuracy47%57%
Strikes Absorbed per Min.4.063.97
Takedowns Average/15 min.1.971.12
Takedown Accuracy34%55%
Takedown Defense66%81%
Submission Average/15 min.0.50.7

Zhang Weili vs. Amanda Lemos Free Pick

Once we’ve carefully evaluated both fighters, our prediction should be easy: Zhang Weili stands out. Her vast array of skills, championship experience, and recent victories give her an edge, not to mention her dynamic striking combined with solid defensive acumen, making her an unstoppable force to reckon with in this matchup.

Free Pick: Zhang Weili -302

As we anticipate the arrival of UFC 292, the clash between Zhang Weili and Amanda Lemos emerges as a defining moment in the women’s strawweight division. Their individual stories, skills, and achievements add excitement to this battle. Whether you’re exploring live betting in Canada or tuning in from anywhere, this fight promises exhilarating action and showcases the pinnacle of mixed martial arts competition. On August 19, 2023, all eyes will be on the Octagon as these two remarkable fighters vie for supremacy.