UFC FIGHT NIGHT 229 Grant Dawson vs. Bobby Green 10-7-23 Odds, Tips, and Prediction

UFC FIGHT NIGHT 229: Grant Dawson vs. Bobby Green 10/7/23 – With the MMA landscape expanding rapidly in global appeal, enthusiasts are always on the hunt for the most insightful MMA free picks. On the horizon is a highly awaited clash at UFC APEX, Las Vegas, slated for October 7th, 2023. In the lightweight spotlight, Grant “KGD” Dawson is set to face off with Bobby “KING” Green. This encounter is primed to be a thrilling spectacle, as both warriors seek to etch their names deeper into MMA history. Brace yourselves as we delve into the strengths of each contender and forecast the probable outcome of this riveting confrontation.

Grant Dawson vs. Bobby Green

Date & Time: Saturday, October 7, 2023 at 7:00 PM ET 

Location: UFC APEX, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


UFC FIGHT NIGHT 229: Grant Dawson vs. Bobby Green 10/7/23 Betting Odds


Grant Dawson Analysis

While Grant “KGD” Dawson’s SLpM of 2.99 might appear modest, especially when juxtaposed against Green’s figures, it’s crucial to understand his tactical approach. Dawson isn’t about relentless aggression; he’s about precision. His 51% striking accuracy reveals a fighter who waits for opportune moments, minimizing wasted energy and maximizing impact. It’s a style that can frustrate opponents, forcing them into errors.

Dawson’s aptitude in grappling is undeniable. With an average of 3.70 takedowns every 15 minutes, it’s clear that Dawson’s strategy often revolves around grounding his opponents. His 1.5 submission attempts in the same duration signal his relentless pursuit of finishes once the fight is on the mat. This grappling-centric approach can disrupt an opponent’s rhythm, especially if they prefer to keep the fight standing.

Fresh off a morale-boosting victory against Ismagulov, Dawson is riding a wave of momentum. Such triumphs not only enhance a fighter’s résumé but also elevate their confidence, which can be pivotal in high-stakes battles like the one ahead.

Bobby Green Analysis

Bobby “King” Green‘s offensive credentials are hard to overlook. A SLpM of 6.14, combined with a 52% striking accuracy, underscores his reputation as a consistent and precise striker. Green is adept at maintaining a high pressure, ensuring his opponents are always on the defensive. His striking style is a blend of volume and accuracy, making him a constant threat in stand-up exchanges.

Though Green’s grappling numbers might not mirror Dawson’s, they tell a story of resilience and adaptability. His standout 74% takedown defense is testament to his ability to keep the fight where he wants it – standing. While he might not be hunting for takedowns or submissions as aggressively as Dawson, his defense ensures that he isn’t easily controlled on the ground, making him a well-rounded MMA artist.

Green’s conquest of Ferguson in his latest outing is an attestation of his elite skill set and mental toughness. With the experience he carries, Green understands the essence of maintaining momentum, and that win would’ve fortified his position in the division and boosted his confidence.

Grant Dawson vs. Bobby Green Stats

Wins/Losses/Draws20-1-130-14-1 (1 NC)
Average Fight Time12:1011:57
Height5′ 10″5′ 10″
Weight155 lbs.155 lbs.
Strikes Landed per Min.2.996.14
Striking Accuracy51%52%
Strikes Absorbed per Min.2.223.67
Takedowns Average/15 min.3.701.21
Takedown Accuracy36%37%
Takedown Defense40%74%
Submission Average/15 min.1.50.3

Grant Dawson vs. Bobby Green Free Pick

Upon weighing the numbers, strategies, and recent performances, this bout can be deemed a classic striker vs. grappler matchup. Dawson’s formidable grappling might unsettle Green if he can enact his strategy successfully. However, Green’s superior striking prowess and stellar takedown defense might sway the balance in his direction. Reflecting upon the numbers and the fighters’ tactical arsenal, our pick gravitates towards Bobby “KING” Green to emerge as the winner in this electrifying confrontation.

Free Pick: Bobby Green +310

The realm of MMA never ceases to amaze, with outcomes often defying predictions. But armed with the above analysis, those venturing into Canadian top sports betting might find themselves with an edge. Regardless of who reigns supreme, the clash between Grant Dawson and Bobby Green guarantees to be a spectacle, leaving an indelible mark in MMA folklore. Make sure to tune in!