Charlotte Hornets vs. San Antonio Spurs NBA Betting Picks and Prediction for Friday, January 12, 2024

Charlotte Hornets vs. San Antonio Spurs – As the NBA season advances, Friday’s matchup between Charlotte Hornets and San Antonio Spurs provides a unique perspective into two squads enduring difficult campaigns – Hornets at 8-26 and Spurs at 5-30 – looking to improve their standings – making this matchup attractive to anyone betting NBA picks today.

Charlotte Hornets vs. San Antonio Spurs

Date & Time: Friday, January 12, 2024, at 8:00 PM ET

Location: Frost Bank Center


Charlotte Hornets vs. San Antonio Spurs Betting Odds


Charlotte Hornets Analysis

Charlotte Hornets have experienced an unsettling season so far, yet their on-court performance – particularly their offensive end – shows promise. Averaging 109.5 points per game with a 46.4% field goal percentage, their scoring ability stands out. Their proficiency can be seen through their three-point shooting ability; on average they make 11.5 threes per game at an impressive 35.9% success rate – evidence of their perimeter shooting strength. Terry Rozier has been an impressive contributor to the Hornets offense, averaging 24.3 points and 7.2 assists per game on average. Rozier’s playmaking and scoring abilities have often carried them out of tough spots in tight situations; his presence will play an essential role in their matchup against Spurs.

Defensively, the Hornets have struggled, which may contribute to their poor record. While they average 41.2 rebounds per game and can limit opponents’ scoring with regularity, defensive rebounding needs to improve as Rozier averages 3.8 per game on defense and must reduce second chance opportunities for San Antonio Spurs players like three point shooting guard Dejounte Murray who averages 38 three point attempts per game and in transition; moreover improving defensive communication and reducing fouls – average 19.4 fouls per game is vitally essential securing victory and improving chances for victory!

San Antonio Spurs Analysis

San Antonio Spurs season has been marred by struggles, yet their offense offers hope. Averaging 111.3 points per game — slightly higher than Charlotte Hornets — they maintain a field goal percentage of 45.6%. Their scoring prowess is highlighted by 12.8 three-point made shots per game on average and 28.9 assists per game – indicative of their high-scoring games potential. Victor Wembanyama provides their offensive foundation as their center scoring an average 19.3 points per game as well as providing playmaking capabilities which give their offensive strategies an advantage against opponents.

On defense, the Spurs could use some work. Their average of 5.9 blocks and 7.1 steals per game shows they possess ample defensive potential but their overall strategy requires tightening up. Wembanyama’s presence in the paint, with an average of 3.3 blocks per game, has proven invaluable. However, the team needs to focus on decreasing opponents’ field goal percentage and managing defensive rebounds more effectively, given their average of 33.1 defensive rebounds per game. Minimizing turnovers – which average 14.7 per game right now – will also be crucial against Charlotte Hornets. Enhancing defensive coordination and decreasing fouls (average of 19 per game currently) could also prove key in turning their defensive efforts into successful results.

Charlotte Hornets vs. San Antonio Spurs Against the Spread

The Hornets have shown some consistency against the spread over their last five games, going 2-2 against it overall and 7-11 on their road games; suggesting moderate reliability when covering the spread.

The Spurs have enjoyed more consistent coverage despite their struggles this season, posting a 3-2 mark against the spread in their last five games and an 8-10 road mark against it. This indicates their team may be capable of covering more effectively.

Charlotte Hornets vs. San Antonio Spurs Free Pick

Based on the trends, team stats, and key players, here are the picks:

Moneyline: Charlotte Hornets. Although their record is more favorable, the Hornets’ offensive capabilities, led by Rozier, give them an edge against Spurs.

Spread: San Antonio Spurs. Recent results against the spread by the Spurs indicate they may be more likely to cover than not.

Total: Over. Given both teams’ offensive prowess and defensive vulnerabilities, an exciting matchup seems likely.

Predicted Score: Charlotte Hornets 110, San Antonio Spurs 105

In conclusion, for bettors looking for the best betting sites in Canada, the most reliable pick seems to be the Hornets on the Moneyline. Their offensive capabilities, combined with Rozier’s exceptional form, give them the edge in what promises to be a closely contested matchup.