Emma Hayes Hired as USWNT Coach A New Era for Women's Soccer

Emma Hayes Hired as USWNT Coach – Emma Hayes made history when the U.S. Soccer Federation appointed her as head coach of the U.S. Women’s National Team (USWNT). Hayes, an influential figure in women’s football and current manager of Chelsea FC in England, will assume control of the USWNT following the conclusion of the 2023-24 Women’s Super League season and just in time for Paris 2024 Summer Olympic Games. This hiring marks an extraordinary moment in women’s soccer history and its implications will undoubtedly have an enormous effect on its future prospects; fans who follow her team often seek free soccer picks in order to evaluate its future performance under her leadership.

Emma Hayes Hired as USWNT CoachA Dream Come True

Emma Hayes expressed great elation upon hearing of her appointment as USWNT head coach. “This is such an incredible honor – to coach one of the greatest teams ever seen in world football history!”, she exclaimed. Her feelings towards both team and country ran deep; coaching the US has long been her dream job so to have this chance has become reality!

Hayes understands the responsibilities and challenges inherent to leading the USWNT and recognizes their need for dedication, devotion, and collaboration in order to reach their goal of sustained success at the highest levels of the sport. Her track record at Chelsea FC stands as testament to her readiness to do just that.

A Perfect Fit for the USWNT

Cindy Parlow Cone of U.S. Soccer spoke highly of Emma Hayes as both leader and coach, noting her qualities as both. Cone highlighted Emma Hayes’ qualities as both. She described Emma Hayes as being an exceptional leader who sets high standards both for herself and everyone around her, noting “her experience in our soccer landscape, understanding what it means to coach this team make her an ideal candidate for this role”.

Hayes stands out as the ideal candidate to lead the USWNT into its next era of success, possessing passion, energy, and an unfaltering desire to win. Her arrival has received widespread approval in the soccer community as it serves as a strategic move that ensures future prosperity of this team.

Timing and Motivation

Emma Hayes’ arrival coincides with the 2024 Summer Olympics, but it should be understood that her impressive credentials played a large part in this decision. The USWNT are eager to regain their dominant status within international women’s soccer following a disappointing round 16 exit at 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Hayes will complete her Chelsea FC Women’s Super League season before joining the USWNT to ensure they get the right coach, even if it means some in-person build-up time is sacrificed in exchange for long-term success and rejuvenation of American national team soccer.

A Journey Rooted in American Soccer

Emma Hayes has deep ties to American soccer. Since arriving in the United States in 2001, she quickly immersed herself in its grassroots development, coaching at youth levels and working with various Long Island-area clubs – most notably her tenure with Long Island Lady Riders of USL W-League from 2001-2003 where she made history by becoming its youngest female head coach in league history – earning W-League Coach of the Year honors that year.

Hayes eventually returned to the U.S. in 2008 and took on the head coaching position for Chicago Red Stars during Women’s Professional Soccer (WPS), the second professional women’s soccer league in America. Her talent-spotting eye was evident when Megan Rapinoe was chosen second overall at the first ever WPS draft. Her contributions extended far beyond her coaching duties; Hayes worked as coaching consultant/technical director with both Washington Freedom and New York Flash teams (winning the latter’s league title in 2011).

Embracing a Legacy

Emma Hayes understands the profound significance of the U.S. Women’s National Team within American society and culture more broadly. Hayes noted, “I appreciate how significant this team is for not just soccer fans, but for all Americans across all industries – not just those involved with it”. Hayes witnessed first-hand as she worked her way up through coaching systems in America while watching young girls dreaming of joining this national team – she acknowledged. For Hayes herself, the honor of carrying on its legacy motivates her 100%

Emma Hayes possesses an admiration and understanding for the rich history and legacy of the USWNT that make her the ideal leader to guide their journey into a promising and bright future. With her passion for playing the game, coaching acumen, and dedication to excellence she makes a great leader to lead them back towards being at the pinnacle of women’s soccer once more.

Emma Hayes’ appointment as U.S. women’s national team coach marks an historic moment in women’s soccer. With an outstanding track record and deep roots in American soccer, Hayes is perfectly equipped to lead her side towards new levels of success in 2023-24 Women’s Super League season and beyond – especially towards Paris 2024 Summer Olympic games and beyond! For all the latest updates regarding USWNT events as well as international soccer happenings be sure to visit top online sportsbooks in Canada for comprehensive coverage and betting opportunities!