Phoenix Suns vs. Los Angeles Lakers NBA Betting Picks and Prediction for Thursday, January 11, 2024

Phoenix Suns vs. Los Angeles Lakers – In the upcoming NBA clash, the Phoenix Suns, standing at 19-17, are set to face off against the Los Angeles Lakers, who hold a close record of 18-19. This game is not just a battle between two closely matched teams but a showcase of some of the league’s most talented players, making it a prime focus for NBA picks and predictions.

Phoenix Suns vs. Los Angeles Lakers

Date & Time: Thursday, January 11, 2024, at 10:00 PM ET

Location: Arena


Phoenix Suns vs. Los Angeles Lakers Betting Odds


Phoenix Suns Analysis

The Phoenix Suns, with a 19-17 record, have relied heavily on their offensive prowess for success this season. Their game plan revolves around high-scoring offense and averages 115.4 points per game as evidence of efficiency and execution on the court. They boast an astounding 47.9% field goal percentage and 37.3% from beyond the arc shooting accuracy; further strengthening this offensive firepower by their ability to share the ball effectively averaging 26.2 assists per game; this makes them an insurmountable foe against any defense they face this year.

On defense, the Suns have shown both resilience and vulnerability. Averaging 7.2 steals and 6.3 blocks per game indicates their ability to disrupt opponents’ plays; however, their inconsistency against the spread in road games shows they struggled with maintaining consistent defensive pressure throughout a game, often giving up points at crucial moments. Protecting their 3-point shot against shots by opponents or controlling paint space will be key elements in their upcoming matchup with Lakers; finding balance between their aggressive offensive play and consistent defensive efforts will be essential in winning this matchup.

Los Angeles Lakers Analysis

Los Angeles Lakers boast an 18-19 record and present a distinct style of play compared to Phoenix Suns. On offense, they average 113.5 points per game which may not match up exactly with Phoenix, yet is still impressive. Their field goal efficiency of 48.4% stems from their inside game being focused around creating high-percentage shots near basket. Furthermore, their offensive strategy includes exploiting opportunities inside the paint while leaning heavily on big men for boards dominance while drawing fouls at will for free throw attempts where they shoot 77.2%; this element makes up their offensive approach as part of their offensive game plan.

On defense, the Lakers display both strengths and weaknesses. Their average of 7.8 steals and 5.6 blocks per game highlights their proactive approach on this side of the court. Anthony Davis provides a significant deterrent in the paint, making it more difficult for opponents to score within it. But his absence exposes some gaps on defense – particularly perimeter protection and transition defense. Their performance against the spread in road games indicates a need for greater defensive cohesion and consistency. If they want to defeat the Suns, they will need to tighten their defense, control game pace, limit Suns 3-point attempts while maintaining offensive efficiency.

Phoenix Suns vs. Los Angeles Lakers Against the Spread

The Suns have shown some stability against the spread, posting an 8-7 road record against it; however, their recent performances reveal some inconsistency as evidenced by a 2-3 mark against it over five games played recently.

The Lakers, however, have found more difficulty against the spread. Their recent form also confirms this trend as they’re 2-3 against the spread over their last five games.

Phoenix Suns vs. Los Angeles Lakers Free Pick

Based on trends, team stats, and key players, here are the picks:

Moneyline: Phoenix Suns. In this matchup, the Suns have an edge due to their overall performance and offensive efficiency.

Spread: Los Angeles Lakers. Given their ability to keep games close and home court advantage, the Lakers make for a good pick against the spread.

Total: Over. Both teams tend to engage in high-scoring games and their offensive capabilities suggest an impressive final total score.

Predicted Score: Phoenix Suns 110, Los Angeles Lakers 108

Canadian betting websites tend to favor Phoenix Suns when selecting their pick for this match-up, due to their consistent offensive play and Devin Booker’s superb form. Betting against the spread would also be wise, given how fiercely competitive these teams can be at home. Furthermore, betting over total is another sound strategy given both teams’ offensive tendencies.