Rafael Fiziev vs. Mateusz Gamrot 9-23-23 Odds, Analysis, and Picks

Rafael Fiziev vs. Mateusz Gamrot 9/23/23 – Combat sports fans are making plans to attend UFC Fight Night 228’s main event on September 23, 2023, which will feature Rafael Fiziev and Mateusz Gamrot in an exciting lightweight fight. Both fighters boast impressive records and stats, promising an exhilarating matchup. Fiziev is best known for his striking abilities, while Gamrot has displayed incredible grappling techniques during his career. Fans looking for action may find that MMA free picks offer an exhilarating option to add excitement to their experience no matter their betting skill or experience level or skill level or experience level – the duel between two skilled fighters offers the perfect chance to put yourself into action!

Rafael Fiziev vs. Mateusz Gamrot

Date & Time: Saturday, September 23, 2023 at 7:00 PM ET 

Location: UFC Apex, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States


Rafael Fiziev vs. Mateusz Gamrot 9/23/23 Betting Odds


Rafael Fiziev Analysis

Rafael “Ataman” Fiziev is nothing short of a striking prodigy boasting a record of 12-2-0. Averaging 5.06 significant strikes per minute with 51% accuracy, Fiziev employs his stand-up game as his primary tool; often employing kicks and punches to disrupt an opponent’s rhythm in order to land more shots over time. But his defensive stats show vulnerabilities: 5.17 strikes per minute were taken against him. However, his ability to dish out damage makes him an unpredictable opponent in any stand-up exchange; his striking style often involves fluid movement and impeccable timing that compensates for his weak defense game.

Fiziev’s statistics in grappling are less impressive; with only 0.31 takedowns per 15 minutes at only 40% accuracy – yet his 90% takedown defense suggests he is difficult to control once fighting hits the mat. Fiziev’s most recent fight against Gaethje was ultimately unsuccessful, yet that doesn’t reflect wholly upon their skill or potential; experienced fight fans understand this and will likely look forward to witnessing him come back stronger than ever – and deliver yet another impressive display. Fiziev will certainly look to rebound and deliver another spectacular exhibition of striking skills when next fighting.

Mateusz Gamrot Analysis

Mateusz “Gamer” Gamrot offers an interesting contrast to Fiziev with a record of 22-2-0 (1 NC). Renowned for his skill on the ground, Gamrot averages 4.54 takedowns per 15 minutes at 31% accuracy – not only that but he possesses an extensive grappling game including submissions and ground-and-pound tactics; with an astounding 90% takedown defense rate. Gamrot averaged an impressive 3.03 significant strikes per minute with an accuracy rate of 51% – figures only rivalled by Fiziev; however, Gamrot’s 60% striking defense made him effective at avoiding damage while keeping up his stamina for ground play.

Gamrot’s victory against Turner gives him momentum and gives him an emotional edge going into this fight. Gamrot could use his grappling abilities to take down Fiziev, where his ground-and-pound technique or submission attempts could take advantage of Fiziev’s inferior ground game and allow Gamrot to apply ground pressure or attempt submissions against Fiziev.

Rafael Fiziev vs. Mateusz Gamrot Stats

Wins/Losses/Draws12-2-022-2-0 (1 NC)
Average Fight Time12:1612:16
Height5′ 8″5′ 10″
Weight155 lbs.155 lbs.
Strikes Landed per Min.5.063.03
Striking Accuracy51%51%
Strikes Absorbed per Min.5.173.23
Takedowns Average/15 min.0.314.54
Takedown Accuracy40%31%
Takedown Defense90%90%
Submission Average/15 min.0.00.2

Rafael Fiziev vs. Mateusz Gamrot Free Picks

Given both fighters’ skillsets, styles, and recent performances, this fight should be closely contested. While Fiziev may hold a slight edge in striking, Gamrot could use his ground game to even the score; should this fight remain primarily a stand-up affair however, his higher striking volume and reach advantage could prove decisive; therefore our pick would lean toward Rafael Fiziev given his ability to defend takedowns successfully and therefore stay within his wheelhouse of battle.

Free Pick: Rafael Fiziev -155

UFC Fight Night 228’s main event promises an intriguing matchup, pitting Fiziev’s striking against Gamrot’s grappling. If betting enthusiasts wish to place wagers, top betting sites in Canada offer plenty of wager options that can make this contest all the more exciting! No matter what the outcome may be, one thing is certain – fans are guaranteed an unforgettable night of high-level MMA action when both fighters bring their special skill sets into the Octagon; only time will tell which fighter’s hand will rise after all is said and done!