Drew Dober vs. Ricky Glenn 10-7-23 Odds, Tips, and Prediction

Drew Dober vs. Ricky Glenn 10/7/23 – The UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada, is primed to host a compelling lightweight clash on October 7, 2023, as Drew Dober locks horns with Ricky “THE GLADIATOR” Glenn. This bout has generated significant buzz in the MMA community, with enthusiasts analyzing every aspect of the fighters’ profiles to determine their MMA betting picks. As we delve deep into the fighters’ statistics and recent performances, this article aims to provide a thorough insight to guide both enthusiasts and bettors in their choices.

Drew Dober vs. Ricky Glenn

Date & Time: Saturday, October 7, 2023 at 7:00 PM ET 

Location: UFC APEX, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


Drew Dober vs. Ricky Glenn 10/7/23 Betting Odds


Drew Dober Analysis

Drew Dober‘s profile in the lightweight division is fortified by his vast experience with a 26-12-0 (1 NC) record, reflecting his triumphs and tribulations. Standing at a height of 5’8″ and weighing 155 lbs., Dober has faced a variety of challengers and has often emerged with a hand raised. His recent setback against Frevola is a stark reminder of the sport’s unpredictability, but it also highlights areas that Dober might have since been working on.

Delving deeper into his striking dynamics, Dober lands an average of 4.48 significant strikes per minute, showcasing his aggression. However, a striking accuracy of 39% suggests there’s room for improvement. While he remains a palpable threat in stand-up exchanges, the 4.50 strikes he absorbs per minute underline a potential defensive gap. When it comes to grappling, his statistics, though modest, indicate a more strategic ground game. Averaging 0.69 takedowns every 15 minutes at an accuracy of 17% might hint at selective ground engagement rather than aggressive wrestling.

Ricky Glenn Analysis

Towering at 6’0″ and bringing to the cage a weight of 155 lbs., with a 22-7-2 record, Ricky “The Gladiator” Glenn‘s profile is intriguing. His height offers him some advantages in range and leverage, aspects that he might leverage against Dober. Glenn’s recent loss to Giagos, while a setback, provides valuable lessons that might have informed his training regimen leading up to this bout.

In terms of striking, Glenn’s 3.99 significant strikes per minute, combined with a 43% accuracy, portrays him as a calculated striker. His defense, marked by absorbing 3.92 strikes per minute, seems marginally better than Dober’s. On the grappling spectrum, Glenn exhibits proficiency in maintaining the fight upright with a solid takedown defense of 68%. While his takedown average sits at 0.56 every 15 minutes, his submission average of 0.4 hints at opportunistic groundwork, possibly looking for finishes when the situation presents itself.

Drew Dober vs. Ricky Glenn Stats

Wins/Losses/Draws26-12-0 (1 NC)22-7-2
Average Fight Time7:5211:55
Height5′ 8″6′ 0″
Weight155 lbs.155 lbs.
Strikes Landed per Min.4.483.99
Striking Accuracy39%43%
Strikes Absorbed per Min.4.503.92
Takedowns Average/15 min.0.690.56
Takedown Accuracy17%13%
Takedown Defense56%68%
Submission Average/15 min.0.10.4

Drew Dober vs. Ricky Glenn Betting Pick

Making a definitive pick in a matchup like this is a complex task, given the sheer talent and diverse skill sets both fighters bring to the octagon. Dober’s extensive experience and notable striking volume are undeniable strengths, which can give him an upper hand in extended stand-up exchanges. However, Glenn’s balanced fighting style, combined with his defensive prowess and ground game, presents potential pitfalls for Dober. Evaluating the fighters’ statistics, recent form, stylistic match-ups, and potential in-cage strategies, our analysis finds a compelling case for Ricky “The Gladiator” Glenn. His versatility and potential to exploit any defensive gaps in Dober’s game make him the more favorable pick for the upcoming bout.

Free Pick: Ricky Glenn +360

The match promises to be a treat for fans and bettors alike. For those looking to place their wagers, the Canadian top sportsbook platforms are brimming with options for this showdown. As always, while statistics and analyses provide insights, the unpredictability of MMA ensures an enthralling contest. Here’s to an explosive fight night!