UFC ON ESPN 51 Jaqueline Amorim vs. Montserrat Conejo Ruiz 8-12-23 Odds, Free Picks, and Analysis

Jaqueline Amorim vs. Montserrat Conejo Ruiz 8/12/23 – Prepare for an exhilarating night of mixed martial arts action when UFC on ESPN 51 presents Jaqueline Amorim vs. Montserrat Conejo Ruiz on Saturday’s matchup, which promises non-stop entertainment, MMA free tips, and lots of betting action. Don’t just miss this showdown in the octagon; live betting enthusiasts can engage with this sport in real-time through this matchup between two formidable athletes competing head-to-head in an intense women’s strawweight bout that will leave fans on edge. Don’t miss this matchup.

Jaqueline Amorim vs. Montserrat Conejo Ruiz

Date & Time: Saturday, August 12, 2023, at 4:00 PM ET

Location: UFC Apex, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


Jaqueline Amorim vs. Montserrat Conejo Ruiz 8/12/23 Betting Odds

Amorim -240
Ruiz +205

Jaqueline Amorim Analysis

Jaqueline Amorim embodies versatility, boasting an outstanding record of 6-1-0 and having successfully executed her style through striking precision and submission mastery. Amorim’s offense doesn’t merely consist of landing punches; instead, it involves calculated movement and deliberate actions designed to surprise her opponents and throw them off balance.

Amorim’s striking accuracy may only stand at 23%, but her low percentage doesn’t tell the whole story. Her striking is used to set up takedowns and control positions on the ground for her submission average of 3.0 per 15 minutes-suggesting that it wasn’t just showing. Furthermore, with an average takedown rate of 2.00 per 15 minutes–her grappling acumen speaks for itself despite having only 20% takedown accuracy. Amorim can transition seamlessly from striking to grappling by switching styles quickly- leaving opponents off guard and unprepared.

Amorim demonstrated her mental resilience against Hughes in her most recent fight, where she faced defeat, showing an ability to weather difficult moments with an unyielding spirit and persevere against all adversity. Although losses can be demoralizing, they also offer invaluable lessons and growth opportunities; Amorim’s ability to maintain her composure under fire could serve her well when returning to MMA competition.

Montserrat Conejo Ruiz Analysis

Montserrat Conejo Ruiz stands 5 feet tall with a southpaw stance. Her impressive 10-2-0 record attests to her ability to leverage her strengths efficiently; where Amorim excels in versatility, Conejo Ruiz excels at striking power and takedown dominance.

Conejo Ruiz may not boast the highest striking accuracy (37%), but her strike output per minute, an average of 1.16, illustrates her ability to inflict damage in measured bursts. Her striking accuracy may not be top-tier, but with 3.85 takedowns per 15 minutes, she is an incredible force on the ground – clearly evidence of Conejo Ruiz’s dominance as an athlete and fight referee.

Her loss against Lemos is a stark reminder that even the best may experience setbacks. That experiences motivate athletes like Conejo Ruiz to come back stronger, more determined, and better prepared. Her current fight allows her to showcase both resilience and her ability to capitalize on her strengths – grappling control and striking precision are particular strengths of Conejo Ruiz’s game.

Jaqueline Amorim vs. Montserrat Conejo Ruiz Stats

Average Fight Time15:007:48
Height5′ 3″5′ 0″
Weight115 lbs.115 lbs.
Strikes Landed per Min.0.801.16
Striking Accuracy23%37%
Strikes Absorbed per Min.3.072.44
Takedowns Average/15 min.2.003.85
Takedown Accuracy20%80%
Takedown Defense0%0%
Submission Average/15 min.3.01.9

Jaqueline Amorim vs. Montserrat Conejo Ruiz Free Pick

As this fight develops, its clash of styles will surely capture our interest. While both competitors bring unique strengths into the matchup, takedown accuracy may prove decisive; Montserrat Conejo Ruiz may gain an advantage due to her takedown accuracy and grappling control which could give her control of the tempo and position of the fight – not forgetting the powerful strikes that make her one of the women’s strawweight division’s premier fighters.

Free Pick: Montserrat Conejo Ruiz +205

As UFC on ESPN 51 presents a high-stakes MMA clash between Jaqueline Amorim and Montserrat Conejo Ruiz on August 12, 2023 draws near, its global viewership will witness their battle of determination, skill, and strategy captivate fans worldwide. Their showdown promises to deliver unparalleled drama when betting begins with opposing styles heavily impacting its outcome – providing bettors an opportunity to engage in real time action through top Canadian betting sites – get ready to witness incredible drama that only MMA offers.